Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ME!! ME!!! ME!!!!!!!

I was just reading about how I should have some sort of idea of what I want my blog to be, some sort of focus. I'm not entirely certain I have that. I'm not entirely certain I have any focus at all.

See, I'm just doing what I feel like. And right now I feel like blogging about the fact that I don't really know what I am blogging about. Let's try to figure this out people:

1. I like to wear clothes and have random willing friends take photos of me (preferably outdoors somewhere beautiful).
2. I like to ramble on about stuff that most often has nothing to do with the clothes I am wearing.
3. I like to post pictures of my baby looking his cutest.
4. I like to tell people what it is I am up to any given day/evening/morning/second.
5. I like to take pictures of my apartment.

I think that is just about it. Oh, yes, and I also like to (6!) mention Audrey Hepburn whenever remotely possible.

Hey, I think I figured out my focus: ME. It's ME. It's all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME (uh... the ME key must have stuck...).

So um, I hope you like me. I hope you think I'm special. Because me is what you are getting. Notice the big staring eyes at the top of the blog? That's ME!!! Yep. Me. ME. MEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEME. Gosh, I'm just fantastic, aren't I?

Which reminds me, I've been thinking: why aren't there any close ups of me on here? Because there should be. Well, besides the header (which is me by the way, did I mention that's me?).

-and one more time for good measure: mememememememmememememememememememeME!!!!!!!!

And while we're on the topic, here's a picture of ME (wearing what I wore yesterday):

outfit details:

tights, joe fresh style: $8
shorts, winners, $4
shoes, naturalizer: $30
plaid shirt, gap: Christmas gift
white shirt, thrifted: $2
vest, thrifted: $3
Heart: Kimberellie (ie. me)

Now continue scrolling down if you want a massive Kimberellie overload:

My favorite wedding photo of the ME that became US.

Taken a mere 7 hours after my son was born; isn't he handsome?

I like this picture of ME. I remind myself of an apple.

Upside down ME. I don't think I particularly look like ME in this pic. You know how that is?

I think this may be one of my favorite pics of ME. I feel I really DO look like this.

That's not a basketball. That's a baby.

ME and my very favorite teddy of all time, Cuddles. When I was a little girl I wanted more than anything for him to "come alive".

Well, it is mostly a picture of my son. But he's much cuter than me, so I had to add it!! credit: Sherri McLeod

Wedding day me. Photo credit: Scott Booth

Oh, and the very best ME of all! The me that is part of our little Furnellie clan! What better me could I be?

Thanks for taking the time to get to know ME a little more!



  1. Cute pictures. I adore those shoes in your outfit post. They are incredible!

  2. Those are super cute shoes in your outfit!

  3. I am *jealous* of your shoes! Cute outfit :D.
    And wow, in that one picture you look ridiculously pretty for just having had a baby. That's incredible! :D

    Part of me wants to have a focus on my blog that isn't just 'pictures of me' but I am always too lazy to actually think of anything else to put there XD.

  4. Adorable and lovely ! And I'm in love with your shoes !


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