Monday, February 15, 2010

a quiet magic

But know this: everything we give away will surely at the last
Be given back,
A heaven feast awaits us, to celebrate this earth long fast"
-excerpt from "love awaits us"

We went to the beach on Valentine's Day. There was a certain quiet magic to it. I lounged in the sun; my husband showed our son tide pools.

Sometimes God hands us a day that is almost perfect, a day that is beautifully flawed. This was that sort of day. Everything was sparkling and saturated with eternity. Days like this one remind me that everything half finished and half full, will one day be complete.

outfit details:

black skirt RW & Co: 50
black shoes Naturalizer: $30
white t Jacob: $12
necklaces Ardene: both $2
tights Ardene: $3
Heart: Kimberellie


  1. beautiful! we thought of going to san pedro on sunday...

    your outfit is very cute and romantic!


  2. Your little boy is so cute and sounds like you had an amazing day. How beautiful! I love your tights and that shirt is so adorable!


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