Monday, February 22, 2010

what a Kim wants:

The purse and the boyfriend jeans are from Gap. The booties are from Sterling and are really quite reasonable (I have a really strong desire to have my toes stick out the front of my boots).

It is likely I will buy the jeans and the booties. Not so likely with the purse (I am really a very cheap person--cheeeaaap).

What I am trying to find is a vintage suede fringe purse (ie. CHEAP). If you see one let me know. Better yet: BUY IT FOR ME. If it is under 50 bucks I'll even pay you back (this is for my hometown homies-yeah, I said homies).

That's it. I need the jeans. I keep trying on my husband's. And though they look good from the front, they do nothing for my hinny (yeah, I said hinny).

Oh, and one more thing, a ring (yeah, I said ring):

Amazing, isn't it?

gap jeans: $ 69.50
bag gap (totally unintentionally, and totally fun palindrome): $ 150
booties sterling: $29.9
ring Alex Monroe: £120.00 (I don't even want to convert that!)



  1. Yes it is amazing! a little Pearl egg!! Oh my! And I will be on the look out for a purse for you! I am doing some shopping at the thrift shops tis week and you would be surprised by some of the purses I find but never buy (can't sell, not vintage) and i love that you said Homies and Hiney! You are my kind of girl!

  2. Ooh I very much like those booties! Gotta get my hands on some boyfriend jeans this winter too :)

  3. Lol you are too funny! I hope you get the boots .. confined piggies is no fun:)


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