Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Neither A Borrower, Nor A Lender Be"

I, as a rule, don't lend out my clothes. I just love them too much. And any time they spend a part from me is time that they could be:


When it comes to clothes I neither lend nor borrow. Clothes lent equal: sweaty palms and the sick taste of fear on one's tongue. Clothes borrowed equal: the pain and sorrow of separation when you must give them back.

Only today a friend of mine was going on a job interview for a position as a personal shopper (yes, my dream job, the ______). And besides being only RIDICULOUSLY jealous I was also aghast at what she had chosen to wear. It wasn't exactly what one would call "chic". It was a very nice outfit per se, but well, it was more suited to school teaching than personal shopping.

I just couldn't let her go out like that. So I lent her some clothes. And if I must say so myself, she looked pretty stylin' when she headed out the door.

But as I stood watching her go I was bereft.

Not because she was interviewing for my dream job, which would have been totally understandable, but because she was wearing my clothes. I had broken my no lending rule and I was full of remorse.

My husband was not especially sympathetic (and he is usually very sympathetic). I am pretty certain he thought I was overreacting. But I wasn't!! My clothes were out there. WITHOUT ME!

Okay: breath (just recalling this is making me anxious).

But it's all okay now (repeat: it's all okay now, it's all okay now, they're home now, it's all okay).

Now that the initial nausea, shaking, and cold chills have passed, I am wondering: how "normal" is this?

What do you think?

Will you lend or borrow? Am I extremely shallow and clothes obsessed (yes, yes I am)?

But really, come on ladies, I can't be the only one with a slightly exaggerated (ie. unhealthy) attachment to my clothes.

Here's a picture of me in my own clothes:

outfit details: tights Joe Fresh Style: $8, shoes Naturalizer: $30, sweater Winners: $12, skirt thrifted: $1 (I added the blue bow).

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. The outfit is very cute! I don't mind lending my clothes unless its my sister. She tends to return them with flaws and sometimes they don't come back at all! LOL, I have let go of that fear though and she is welcome to borrow my clothes, whenever she is in town :)

  2. Thanks! Oh, and I always wanted a sister I could share clothes with! (I wonder if I had had one if I wouldn't have this, er, "obsession").

  3. Cute outfit,thanks for such a lovely comment! Sorry it took me so long to reply,I never noticed you had commented as it wasn't on a recent post.It really did make me smile,and meant alot ^^

  4. I'm somewhat the opposite of you, kim. if somebody asks to borrow my clothes, it reinforces this notion I have in my head that hey, I do have pretty good taste in fashion. and if somebody is wearing my clothes other than me, they have twice as many chances of being complimented than if it is just me wearing them! :)

    however, there is such a thing as over-borrowing, and stepping over that line simply isn't cool. but that hasn't happened to me since college.


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