Monday, January 11, 2010

I Got Pooped On

I did. It wasn't as unpleasant as one would expect.

It's my fault really. He gave me the look that means: "Mommy I have to potty." But I was too busy reading The Clothes Horse . But then he gave me the look again.

So I got up and got him to the potty (he's only nine months, he can't walk yet, or potty by himself). Anyway, on the way to the potty: POOP.

Suffice to say I had to do laundry tonight.
Here's the little pooper himself.

Want to learn how you can get pooped on too?

In other news, I reconstructed a skirt:

It was more a-line before and was, um, not so, strange? It was too big; so I was just going to take it in and make it more of a pencil skirt. But this happened (I kind of just went crazy with the sewing machine).

I am not so sure about the purple tights. If I were to wear this out for real, not just out in the hallway, I think I would do opaque black tights and gray or black slouch booties. Er, I mean slouchie BOOTS. I suppose I've got booties on the brain.

I also made a necklace:

I was inspired by The Village Idiot. I haven't enough cash for one of her necklaces. So I thought I would make my own. It certainly isn't as cool as one of hers. But I like it; and it was sure fun to make!

Here is a picture of me and my reconstructed skirt, my necklace, and my little pooper (turning him upside down is a sure way to get him to smile).

Skill testing question: What do these three things have in common?*

Think about it.

HEART: Kimberellie

*ANSWER: I made them. ;-)

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