Friday, January 22, 2010

Model, I'm Not

So I thought I would make another attempt at fashion blogging. My problem thus far has been that I can't really take outdoor shots avec my bébé. As well, there really isn't anywhere suitable in my apartment to take indoor shots. These ones I don't think turned out too badly. I got my husband to do them:

I really like how red my hair looks in this one. I have been attempting for weeks to get it redder and redder. And though I don't think I am really succeeding, in this picture it sure looks like I am!

This was the best one for a "whole outfit" shot. I'm afraid that all the others got deleted. It appears that I'm not very good at making serious, sultry, or any non smiley faces. Model, I'm not. If I'm not smiling in a photograph I tend to just look plain funny. This was the best of the non smiling lot (and I sort of just look annoyed).

The thing is, I don't want to grin goofily in every picture. Yet I can't seem to "strike" any other expressions (now, I wonder if "strike an expression" can be counted as a valid expression). Anyway, maybe I'll try making funny faces next time.

A close up. This yellow shirt is really great. It is just so YELLOW. I totally heart it.

The photos seem to work better when I am sitting down. But it just doesn't show off the outfit the same way!

A cross, my mom heart, and my bridesmaid's pearl from my best friend's wedding.

I have so many lovely pieces of jewelry; it is so hard to choose what to wear! Here's my compromise. I think it is a rather wonderful compromise, don't you?

Oh, and the shoes. You have to see the shoes:

Okay, so it isn't that great of a pic. But I just wanted you to see how "creative" I am willing to get in order to find SOMEWHERE to take some fun fashion photos! Perhaps I'll try doing this once a week on a Saturday [OUTSIDE!]. It would give the family and I an excuse to gallivant around out of doors.

Heart: Kimberellie

shirt: Winners $20, yellow top: Winners $2 dollars, belt: RW&co $1.95, jeans: Energia $50, shoes: Naturalizer $30, long black silver and blue necklace: Ardene $5, necklace with three pendants: Peoples, Ben Moss, and Hawaii Divers (in that order): all gifts.


  1. You always amaze me with your fashion finds. I am impressed. Maybe if I was 5'8" ish this would work for me too. I will work on growing taller. Well done Kimberellie Miss Furnellie.

  2. The yellow totally spices up the outfit!

    Personally I feel like smiling in outfit photos is a good idea. I like looking back at my outfits and remembering the memories of each day.


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