Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Babies: The New "It" Item

Whenever I go and visit my sister-in-law I bring donuts. This is such a regular occurrence, that as soon as I arrive my niece, who is three, asks: "Where are the donuts?" I am afraid I'm turning her into a sugar junkie. But it can't be helped. I need at least one Boston Cream donut a week or I don't "feel" right.

Last night I went to V.V. for a quick shop. I got these two tops (vest and shirt) for 7 dollars! And though when I bought them I had no intention of wearing them together, I think it works. At first I tried this outfit with my dark skinny jeans. But they just didn't feel "skinny" enough (they are more of a straight leg). So I switched to my leather leggings (which I should really wear more often considering how much they cost).

Oh, and the bracelet? I stole it. Not purposefully of course. I just had it on my wrist and forgot about it until I got into the car. I admit at that point I did not go back into the store. But it was late and my baby wanted his mommy. Next time I am in V.V. I will pay for it. I've actually done this once before there (with a bracelet no less!). I think they thought I was pretty strange for doing so: "Um, I stole a bracelet accidental like, can I give you fifty cents?"

Anyway, I think I am only going to do outfit posts when I haven't anything else to say (which happens often enough). My husband likes my blog better when I write stuff (and he is cute so I like to please him). So I figure I'll try to write more stuff (when I have stuff to say). Stuff about stuff. You know, that sort of stuff.

I'm, yeah, I've got nothing.

I'm almost laughing in this photo because what we were trying to do was get a photograph of me and my nephew. And what we ended up getting was a photograph of me, my nephew, my niece, and the dog. As well, my nephew is currently attempting to hurl himself out of my arms.

The blond baby is mine. Notice the matching shirts. They are also matching babies BTW. They were born 13 hours apart!

Outfit details:

leather pants Danier: $130, beige tunic top H&M thrifted: $3.50, vest thrifted: $3.50, shoes Naturalizer: $30, green bracelet: stolen, long chain necklace Suzy Sheer: $2, ammonite necklace on silver chain: $30 (you can get one like it here), necklace with three pendants: Peoples, Ben Moss, and Hawaii Divers (in that order): all gifts, babies: worth the world.

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. I really like this outfit. Also both babies are very cute.

  2. Thanks Tara! I happen to be very fond of the outfit AND the babies. ;-)


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