Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Might as Well Look Good Doing It

I spent a lot of my day playing on the floor today.

Somebody (somebody little) is getting two new teethies and was not interested in independent play at all. But that's okay. He's pretty fun. And along with the new teeth he is learning some new tricks.

For example, he can now kneel. I know, maybe kneeling isn't amazing and fascinating to you; but I'm suitably impressed!

The day is now almost over. The baby is sleeping. And tomorrow I have TWO babies coming over who will help entertain my little monster while I get to sit (on the couch no less!) and drink tea with their mommys. So yeah, overall, life is good.

Oh, and the title of the post? Well, as I sat on the floor for the third straight hour today stacking toys (he likes to "unstack") I thought: well, if I have to be at home all day, at least I can look good doing it.

This is me with our dish fish. Really he is just a plastic fishy who we throw into the sink when we do the dishes. Somehow the dishes are just easier when he's in there floating around all plastic fishlike.

Ah, the joys of stacking toys. I'd like to say one of my son's new tricks is taking pictures. That would be really handy; but it isn't. The chair took this picture. And if you are wondering about the blue fabric and peach fabric and gray fabric-those are clothes hanging on the bookshelf. Because that's where clothes go.

Nothing like a pair of bright yellow dish gloves to spruce up your outfit.

outfit details: jeans Energia: $50, bear shirt: $5, cropped jacket Winners: $3, necklace: I made it, inspiration: The Village Idiot, dish gloves Shoppers Drug Mart: 2 for $1, getting to stay at home all day with the most precious little man: priceless.

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if you are interested in my son's take on the day's events you can check out his blog. He doesn't post as often as I do; but he's only ten months and has an early bedtime. So I cut him a little slack (I also don't like it when he hogs the computer).


  1. I hate it when E. hogs the computer. Except really--she does.

    It's nice to look cute at home isn't it? Very clever of you to take pictures so looking cute isn't wasted.

  2. Exactly! That's what I thought, about the cute being wasted, that is.


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