Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Someone You Never Knew

A painting by ME.

I think that whenever I don't have anything I really feel like writing I will see what poetry I can find on my computer. So that is what I have done tonight. I searched about my word files (I have HUNDREDS); and I found this poem. I think it is from about two years ago. Maybe a year ago.

I think this poem makes for some beautiful nonsense. I also think I will add one more.


Love that
Christmas is coming
Love it
Love the colours of it

You there. Try and see me
Escape me. Be me.
What are we waiting for?
Is there
I can buy this?
I would buy this.

I miss you already.

You there. Give me naked flesh
So I can drown in it
Forget my sorrows in it
Forget sound in it

This there.
I don’t agree with it
Silly conspiracy theory
Don’t bother me with it
I subscribe to a different one

So now. Time to sleep is it?
Do you like me do you?
Take my picture now
And I will paint you in it

Stop it. Stop talking. Stop typing on
Like you have nothing real to say;
I don’t.

Look here:
I don’t

Never Knew

I’m not who I was then
She was some little girl in love with you
Desperate for your attentions
I’m not like that anymore

I would stretch this truth to cover me
To cover the nakedness of my fears
So no one would see that I am
All organs hanging out: no skin

Think of it: a wound on the fingertip still
and touch hurts

Because I pretend to be impervious
I pretend to be so much less
Heart than I am,
Compassion than I feel,

But that story, the news story that you told me:
I cried.
Because I am like this.
I am her still.

I am someone you never knew.

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