Wednesday, October 20, 2010

computer mice are tasty

I am so hungry I could eat the computer mouse.  I am writing this on Monday evening.  In case you are wondering. I have decided that every so often I'd give you all a sneak peak.  That is, a sneak peak into my life.   You see, I am always ever so curious what other people do with their lives, the everydayness, the eveningness,  morningness, mealness, and clothingwearingness.  I figure maybe other people are curious like I am.

So here I am to sate your curiosity!

~A Monday Evening Sneak Peak~

I am: 

  • waiting for my husband to return with Chico's Chicken (like Kentucky Fried but MUCH better).
  • downloading photographs onto my husband's computer.
  • wearing pink plaid pajama pants, a grey t shirt, and my new men's large Gap cardigan (which my husband has already determined he will wear too).

I have:

  • done two loads of laundry today.
  • done the dishes.
  • been on the computer a total of thirty minutes.
  • talked to a good friend who lives far away.
  • thought about food at least five times since I began this blog entry.

I want:

  • food.
  • to skip around the living room in my new shoes and admire my feet.
  • to know why living room is two words when obviously it should be one.
  • the motorcycle boots I have been eyeing on to hurry up and go on sale.
  • a housekeeper.
  • at least five different new perfumes I have read about recently (I'm obsessed with scent).

I am going to:

  • wear a moustache for Halloween.
  • put some warm socks on.
  • make a cup of tea.
  • watch Scrubs (fourth season episode 4 or so).

I feel:

  • Happy.
  • Hungry.
  • Cold footed.

Heart: Kimberelllie

ps. If you feel inclined to steal this idea and use it on your blog as a weekly feature...that would SO THRILL ME.  Yes, I am interested.  I want to know.  Hidden cameras just don't tell the whole story...

Nothing is worth more than this day.  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. fantastic dress! and i love the sneak peek into your life. maybe i should be the first one to steal your idea. i'm a pretty good idea thief :)

  2. What groovy shoes. I hope you got something to eat, I am pretty obsessed with food at all times. We just had green curry for dinner, and will be inhaling M&Ms with a cup of tea in a bit x

  3. I love hearing about your life, and what a sweet idea!! If you don't mind, I may take you up on the offer of borrowing it!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. And also, this is one of the loveliest dresses I've ever seen. Sorry for double commenting, I just thought I'd add that.

  5. Yay, I love the idea of this post! I may just do the same thing. And you know what else I want to steal? That beautiful dress. Unfortunately, I don't live very close to you, and it wouldn't fit me, and I generally don't like stealing, but I do love it.

  6. Thanks for the sneak peek =] I love this outfit! I'm dying to get me some maroon tights.

  7. I feel like I must join the band of theives - giving u all the credit of course! I am loving your dress - and the idea of your mens cardi - and the fact that you too love Scrubs :)

  8. So cute. I would love to steal the idea but I am just not as creative with my writing as you are. You are loving these burgandy tights and oxfords aren't you? Hey, it looks chilly with leaves falling but you are in a short sleeve...:)

  9. OK I am TOTALLY in love with this dress!! The button placket details, the pleates, the v shaved back..everyhint is soooo amazing!!

  10. What a fab idea :) There's something about blogging that makes me peckish - think I work best on the computer when snacking.

    You must share where that beautiful dress is from!

  11. Is this wonderful thing around your waist a belt? Or stiched on the dress.My eveningness is run around the house like crazy to make sure my kingdom is doing fine!!!

  12. I adore this dress! So pretty!

  13. I really love the color combination in this outfit. I also love the rest of your post. I hate talking about myself, but maybe I will steal your idea once or twice anyway.

    I want a housekeeper, too. Really I want a manor fully staffed with obedient servants.

  14. hee hee, silly Kimberellie... computer mice aren't for eating.
    Love this post, love this dress, love you!

  15. I read that quote as "Nothing is worth more than this sky". Which is also cool.

    For you:

    I am

    Waiting for my nails to dry

    I have

    Cleaned the house beyond belief because the owner wants to sell it and they showed through prospective buyers today.

    I want

    The weekend to last forever.

    I am going to

    A BBQ/party tonight to help our friend celebrate finishing her degree. Woo woo!

    I feel

    More relaxed than I have all week.

    Also, I love that dress. The length is just perfect.

  16. In reply to your comment - Im so glad someone else has read that book and loved it, that was why i wanted to go to highgate cemetery in the first place!


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