Friday, October 8, 2010

so many things to tell you (mostly nonsense I assure you)

There are so many things I want to tell you about....  

  • I started Christmas shopping.  And I intend on being finished by the end of October.  Yes, I have become "one of those" people.  I swear I never used to be.  It's the baby's fault (he loves to shop).  Either that or it's too stressful to try to get it all done in December.  You decide. 

  • Oh, and I like ALL of these (seriously check them out, awesome prices and so dreamy bauble-icious). 
  • I bought curtains for our bedroom.  They don't match.  Each other.  Seriously.  $7 dollars a panel instead of $70?  How could I say no?  And yes, I will one day post pictures.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend.  Some things I am thankful for: my husband, my son, my family, my friends, shoes, my church, perfume, this book, YOU, Gauguin, that Elle Canada AND Flare BOTH came in the mail today.. 
  • I also want to tell you how I HAD SO INTENDED on sticking to my new blogging schedule this week but was waylaid by "surprise! you have no internet!" (we went away, they had no internet, for shame!). 
  • I promise next week will be better.  There will be more Kimberellie in it.  And I'm good for what ails you (so they tell me).
  • Heart: Kimberellie