Monday, October 25, 2010

dear diary: entry # 1

Okay, I have officially gone off the deep end.  I have got to see him!  I am just crazy for him! Oh-it has been only a day!  Ha!  Oh -I am silly silly silly.I do not want to wait.  Just 18 hours or so.  Oh!  I am just crazy for him!  God, I WANT WANT WANT him!    How can one wait?  I am addicted to this man.
May 31st Thursday 12:12 am

Okay.  So this was supposed to be easy.  I was supposed to just pluck out excerpts from my past journals and click click type them onto my blog.  Problem is: I'm totally inappropriate.  I, mean, even though I'm the one who wrote my journals, I blush deep red just reading them!  Not only that, but hullo, obsess much?

Seriously, there are multiple journals where THE ENTIRE journal is about the SAME thing.  It's ridiculous.

That said, this entry is from when my husband and I were first dating.  Funny thing is, I just realized now that the date is our wedding anniversary.  This entry was written exactly one year before we were married.

But don't be expecting an explanation like this every time.  When I publish the really big messy writing swearing entries, I'm not going to give one.  ;-)

outfit total: $238

tights, joe fresh style: $3
skirt, thrifted: $6
shirt, from winners: $5
scarf, local shop: $12
headband: $2
cardi, gap men's:$20

Heart: Kimberellie

[This is a series where I publish excerpts from my journals.  Note: after this I think I'll burn them.]

ps. if anyone mentions how they now have my shoes restocked and in my size again for seventy dollars less than I paid for them, I will be writing an angry journal entry about you.


  1. I love your outfit!! The sport jacket is so nice, and your skirt is lovely, perfect for autumn. Or fall, I need to start calling it 'fall' or nobody knows what I'm talking about.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. your shoes are just gorgeous! and i have to admit...i'm excited about the diary series! so cute that you wrote that one year before your wedding :)

  3. It's pretty daring what you do and it takes a brave heart to do it.Love the shoes!!!

  4. OH bwahahaha! I'm so glad this is how you sound in your diaries too, I was assuming you were going to be deep and poetic and I would feel wildly inferior. This is pretty much exactly what I wrote in mine too x

  5. I just blather on in mine - I wish they were cringeworthy, at least that way they'd be interesting!!

    The skirt is so lovely. You have such a knack for finding beautiful thrifted goodies.

  6. LOL!!! That is totally how I sounded when Chase and I were dating! Who can blame us! Our husbands are hot!!! ;)

    P.S. I love your new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Awwww. Yes, I think we can all relate to your one-subject diary writing. But what's a diary for if you can't gush on and on about a cute boy?
    And yes your shoes are AWESOME. A splurge, but totally worth it!

  8. Wooo you are so brave to be putting diary entries on your blog! I burnt all mine years ago, thank goodness, because they were about my teenage crush, and not my husband! Don't want THOSE laying around the house! ;)


  9. This diary entry idea is fun! And, I noticed your shoes right away. Worth every penny!

  10. Love this outfit..and of course LOVE the shoes!!
    Reading this makes me wish I kept a diary...but I guess my blog is somewhat of a virtual diary..just not as juicy..haha

  11. The men's schoolboy blazer fits your journal's sentiment perfectly :)

  12. Oh and the shoes - TOTALLY worth it!!! I love them!!

  13. LOVE the shoes. So worth it.
    This diary entry is awesome, and I love that it was a year before the wedding. How appropriate.

  14. I LOVE those shoes!! The diary entry is adorable :)

  15. Hi Kimberellie,maybe I haven't made myself that clear.I'm working on these issues myself. What I don't like is compulsive shopping. The occasional thrift find or a little bit of this or that once in a while,to spice things up is ok.I do it also.

  16. Told you it won't be easy sharing your journal entries. They usually are obsessive, totally inappropriate and too emberassing. Can't wait to read more if you are willing though. Love the outfit, you pulled off that man's cardi/vest so well.

  17. Brave girl! Brave girl wearing a fantastic skirt. Brave girl wearing a fantastic skirt and awesome cardigan that I kind of really want.

  18. Love the fact you're married to the man you're blathering on about. I imagine mine would be filled with me lusting after some long forgotten spotty adolescent. x

  19. Your skirt is most excellent - love the outfit :)

    My old journals make me cringe so badly. Rather than love it is all doom and imaginary adversity. The world was against teenage me and *whine* none of it was my faaaaaaaaaaaaault. So unfair ;)

  20. Awww! This is so amazing! This is why I LOVE journaling- remembering and reading about your feelings before things happened. I have an entire diary from last winter when I was pining away for my current dear boy :) And yes, that does mean I have entire diaries that talk nothing but of the same thing...hahaha.

  21. oh, the shoes!!!!! how lovely!

    and how cute is this entry?

  22. Aw the extract from your journal is so lovely, how wonderful that he became your husband!
    You look beautiful in these pictures! x


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