Thursday, October 28, 2010

dear diary: entry #4

February 22nd 2009

I did forgive the other Moleskine for this page being unwritable; but I do not know if I would have forgiven this one.
I love it when Soren naps.  This is his second nap today!  Yeah!  Napping baby = happy mommy.  I am happy.  I feel good about my blog.  It is great, because it, Chictopia, other blogs, get me to try new things.  And it is fun.  It is thrilling thinking: "What will I wear tomorrow?" with such enthusiasm.  It is playing dress up.  It is creative.  It is a joy. 

No, I did not get my hair re-pinked.  I wish.  I will.  Maybe.  This is an older pic that I found lying around.  I thought I would share it with you all.  I like the tie.  I should wear ties more often.  This is sort of how I might be dressing for Halloween.  Only minus the skirt, add pants.  And a fake mustache.  Fun, hey?  I'm being Dr. Watson.  My husband is being Sherlock.  I guess I gotta get me a pipe.

outfit total: $47.00

shoes, naturalizer: $30
coat, vintage thrifted: $5
sweater, joe fresh style: $5
tie, my husband's
tights, ardene: $3
bracelets, thrifted: $1 each
skirt, vintage thrifted: $1
belt, thrifted: $1

Heart: Kimberellie

-this is the end of the dear diary series -for this week.  I will do it again, I promise.  And then you will see the long promised angry entries...if I feel daring enough.  I'll work myself up to it.

Next week's series (I decided I like doing series): is going to be all about clothes and fashion and shopping.  Seriously, a series about clothes.  I know, a novel idea for a style blog. ;-)


  1. I love your diary entries, and I love this outfit!! The shoes and dress are just lovely, they're such nice colours!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I want to start wearing ties too. But I need to get one first, as an obvious initial step.

  3. Great costume idea! I love the way you styled the tie - it's so chic.

  4. love the costume idea! and i too love your diary entries. please keep them coming.

  5. Love the outfit. Your coat is so lovely and really rather perfect for Doctor Watson :D . Fake mustaches rule - You'll have to share pics!

  6. I love this Dear Diary series you did here. I loved the Snake baby entry so much. You write so poignantly. I remember these feelings too. So well put though. And your outfits and photos are immaculate! The sweater does indeed look fantastic on you and your Watson costume will be a major success I am sure! Regarding postage, while I know you have discovered the answer on your own, I use USPS first class mail to ship internationally and package my things as small and tight as possible. I usually end up paying a little bit on my end for my international customers as well, but I don't mind that so much. I hope you found a good solution. As always K Dog, (my new pet name for you, if you hate it let me know! it just makes me laugh a little!) thank you so much for your beauty and inspiring words.

  7. Ooh, I hope you take pictures of your Halloween costumes! I also loved the little peek into your inner thoughts this week! I love that skirt too by the way, and I'm insanely jealous that you found it for $1.

  8. i love all your dear diary entries esp the one for your son.

    i see you're getting better at dressing up. i love blogging too because it provides so much enthusiam and inspiration. that skirt reminds me of my highschool uniform.

  9. *sigh* I so LONG to be home with a baby again..

  10. Oh Kimberellie, you are adorable. I have enjoyed the diary series, but am looking forward to the more scandalous ones!


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