Friday, October 8, 2010

the post where Kimberellie wears too many patterns at once

It's a little hard to be overkill when it comes to the whole mixing prints trend.  But bear with me: I'm trying.  This here is my attempt.  Grrr (that's the leopard print starts to sink in when you wear enough).

What I really would LOVE to wear with this outfit is a pair of leopard print shoes.  Now THAT would be so overkill I would have to come up with a new colloquilism (vampirekill?).  But seriously, I hear that "minamalism" is "in" right now.  Yes, "less is best" is in.  How horrid.  Kind of.  I mean, sometimes I find that I am a real fan of minamalism, like when I have to get ready to go in fifteen minutes because my husband is 
leaving for work and if I don't get dressed soon and drive him I will be without the car for the rest of the 

Thus: minimalism, ei: jeans and a hooded sweater.  Yes, Kimberellie wears hoddies (very.very.rarely).  That said, the more I talk about it, the more I think about it, the more I read Vogue magazine articles about it (Oct. issue, where they make the long flared pants look really really good) the more I want to try it.  I can't help myself.  It's fashion mind control.  Because, really, I'm a fembot with no brain of my own.

Or else I just like to say fembot.  Or else I just like to try new things.  Or else I'm really a minimalist at heart.  Scroll up to the photographs again for the real answer to that last question.

outfit details:

scraf: gift from Lee
skirt, thrifted: $3
hose, ardene: $3
shoes, thrifted lady footwalker: $10
shirt, winners: $5
belt, jacob: $20 yes, my belt is the most expensive thing I'm wearing.  

grrrrheartgrrrr: Kimberellie


  1. go Kimberellie! I love how you mixed patterns, yet you've got the anchor of the leopard theme going from neck to ankle..very nice my dear..I do not believe minimalism is you, you simply are a pattern mixing pro ;) Love the blue in your hair too!

  2. Its never overkill when you pull it off as well as you do!
    Also for some reason I couldn't comment on your last post but I wanted to say: a) I am impressed that you put in so many links
    b) I love The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie and Literary Society
    c) oooh, pretty rings

  3. crazy outfit.. AND you can pull it off.. did you get any bizarre comments from co-workers? I am always curious about the comments I will get when I wear something I think is abit wild.. and its funny cuz usually those are the days no one says anything... anyway, love your sense of adventure!!

  4. You look SOOO cute! You are truly the ultimate pattern mixer! I bow down to you (ok - ok - I'm doing it! :) )

  5. Hahaha, fembot... I am totally a minimalist - only because I am afraid of print and color. THERE. I said it. You win! You are the master of colors and prints mixing.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  6. Ah, more is more in my book! Love it, absolutely fabulous, you wild girlie! xxx

  7. I think you've done great, this looks fab :)

  8. Lots of print, yes, but it all works. Thank you, Kimberellie, you never let me forget that fashion should be FUN. Not that I often forget, but if I ever do you're my remedy. I love this look. It makes me happy.

  9. I LOVE the belt and the scarf - they are soooo pretty!!

    I think you look great with your pattern mixing - you pull it off and thats what counts!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Sal xXx

  10. That's perfect my dear Kimberellie !

  11. vampire, fembot, minimalist what? haha... for this blog, whatever you wear works for you. your photos are always perfect. I can tell that you are a super cool mom.

  12. Your style rocks!!!I didn't know there was a mom fashion blog union.Count me in. With 3 primary school kids I think I qualify!!!So many nice clothes you have!

  13. There is no such thing as too many patterns at once my friend. Trust me.
    The setting of the last picture is just gorgeous! It looks like you've gone back in time or something.
    Did you go back in time? because that would be pret-ty rad.

  14. very cute. Lots of patterns but you pull it off. Not sure about the tights but the print is subtle so it is OK. Love the oxfords. Yeah, I am not crazy about minimalism either. I did create a few combos for this winter with using only 1 or 2 colors for the whole outfit to give it a try. we shall see...

  15. YES i love your pattern mixing! you can definitely never have too many prints!


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