Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear diary: entry #2

April 20th 2002

"I am interested in elation.  I am interested in the sublime."
"The wreath on my door has been there since Christmas.  I have no intenion and no desire to take it down."
Those were my topic sentences.  But I did not write.  And now that I'm writing, I don't have one.

Okay, so there's no angry swearing here.  But I promise, by the end of the week there will be some.  There's certainly enough material to choose from.  I just have to ask myself: how bad of a light do I want to cast myself in?  Or are you all so sympathetic to me now that you will just assume that whoever I am ranting about is indubitably the offending party?  Because I can't say that's always been the case (well, maybe mostly ;-).  As a good friend of mine and I like to assert: we're b%^#hes.  

If  my inherent bit$#hiness hasn't come across in my blog to you yet, than you simply haven't been reading between the lines enough.

outfit total: $213 (stupid shoes, keep messing with my totals ;-)

tights, from winners: $9
skirt, thrifted: $1
sweater, from my step mom
belt, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, $200

Heart: Kimberellie

also, this outfit sort of reminded me of the full skirted Prada and Louis Vuitton numbers.  

also, I've been reading Never Let Me Go.  And I gotta tell you, I  hate the magazine reviews of the movie for giving away the plot.  A-holes. (see, I told you I could be a _____)


  1. we can all be bitches sometimes, and i think that's okay :) we are none of us perfect and there are days that are just plain hard. but you are wearing a fabulous skirt and pair of shoes. and that makes it good.

  2. I love the little excerpts.. totally cool idea. and you Diary #1 post, well.. I dont know about anyone else but I most certainly have entries like that in my old diaries.. and yes, so ridiculous reading them now, but they were SERIOUS BUSINESS at the time.. ohhh sooo dramatic!!
    those were the days.. young and restless!! ha hah keep em coming, they are awesome posts!!

  3. I love your little excerpts!! And your outfit is so nice, I love your pleated skirt and shoes!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. That isn't being bitchy, they ARE a-holes - the whole point of that book is that you didn't know what was going on! Stupid movie people. Hope you are enjoying it anyway. And I love this outfit, the knotted belt is very designery.

  5. I adore you. Please write a book so I can read it while drinking coffee on Sundays?

  6. I love this outfit, that skirt is fantastic, and for only $1?! And these diary entries are great, I will definitely always assume that whoever you rant about is the offending party.

  7. I think you may well be the Queen of Pleated Skirts. So jealous of what you manage to find!

  8. Gorgeous outfit, love the pleated skirt. I can't tell you enough how much I adore those shoes. Some of the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen!

  9. Kimberellie, reading your blog everyday is like catching up with a good friend, and I think it's because you put yourself out there (out here?). So bring on the cussing diary entries, we won't judge!
    And, I HATE it when people ruin the endings of books/movies. Idiots.

  10. Love the skirt with those shoes! See - you can wear them a million ways! Totally justifies the cost per wear :)

  11. If you rant about someone, it's all his/her fault. As long as it's not me. Those are some awesome shoes you're wearing.

  12. love this look! so retro! and the shoes! so YOU!

  13. You are a typical just like all of us I would say. Keep it coming, we'll be on your side. Love the outfit and yes it does remind me of the full skirted photos of LV as well. The belt is adorable.

  14. Ha ha, that entry made me laugh. The picture made me smile. And the explanation made me feel better about also being a b*$%h.


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