Tuesday, October 12, 2010

don't look at my feet you little monkey socked kitten head

There is not enough time during nap time.  During nap time I want to:

Watch Sex and the City.
Eat donuts.
Read blogs.
Edit photos.
Organize my closet.
Talk on the phone.
Make crafts.
Drink tea.
Drink lots of tea.

Yes.  All these things.  One nap is not long enough.  Perhaps I should make a nap time schedule and plan ahead what I will do during each nap.   Like this:
  • Tuesday Nap: Mommy eats chocolate.
  • Wednesday Nap: Mommy mops the floor.
  • Thursday Nap: Mommy goes back in time and stops Wednesday Mommy from moping the floor.
  • Friday Nap: Mommy does yoga and eats chocolate at the same time.
What about Monday Nap?  Well, I don't like Mondays.  So I am just not going to talk about them, write about them, or think about them; and hopefully they will go away.

outfit total:$19.50

pixalated joe fresh dress,thrifted: $6
scarf, thrifted: 25 cents
shoes, thrifted Eatons: $8
belt, thrifted: 25 cents
tights, joe fresh style: $3
headband, smart set: $2

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. today is my Monday...because yesterday was a holiday...so if I seem a little terse and crabby, it's because I don't even have the option of pretending today doesn't exist (everyone knows you can only imagine Mondays out of existence...other days are stubborn and resist being imagined out of existence...stupid Monuesday).


  1. I don't think there's enough time in the whole day to get that list achieved, never mind during nap time! As for floor mopping, pfft!!

    Love this outfit. The black belt and scarf are such pretty, classy touches.

  2. Love the outfit :)

    Nearly Wednesday - maybe you should get a DeLorian for nap-time prolongement? Gently let the whirr of the time traveling machine keep your little one dreaming..

    I wish I could time freeze my lunch breaks..

  3. Oh you look fabulous! I love the dress, dresses are just so fun!

  4. i love that thursday mommy is going back in time to keep the wednesday mommy from mopping the floor. that is good stuff! you are just too much fun. i love your tights and shoes. just such a great fall look. hope that wednesday is a better day for you. and please don't mop the floor. you will be much happier on thursday if you don't :)

  5. i loveee the outfit and the photos! the quality is just great and you look lovely! :]

  6. I LOVE this!! You look sooo cute...and I love the hairband thingy!

  7. LOL great nap list! I have a similar one. :) I love that dress. It's one of my favs!

  8. i love these summery look of you. I don't like Mondays either. I wish I can take a nap everyday.

  9. No no no, you've got it all wrong. EVERY DAY is "mumma eats chocolate during nap time" day. ;)

    And Mondays are just not worth mentioning!


  10. Oh but I love Monuesday! Because Tuesday is my favourite day and if Monday is on Tuesday it means that it's a short work week and that makes me even happier!

  11. love the scarf around your neck! super cute and classy and retro :D

  12. Oh you gorgeous woman, I adore the print on the dress and the glorious wine coloured tights. You've got bare arms, too...jealous...it's sleeve time here in the UK.
    Life's too short to ever contemplate mopping the floor, so rule that one out right now. xxx

  13. It's summer again !! Love your fashion sense Kimberellie

  14. Love the dress over burgandy tights. I have to check out this site you mention.
    Yes, nap times are never enough. I get distracted wth something and time just flies and before I know it one kid is up and it is over.

  15. I won't say anything about the outfit only that it's sooowell put together. But I will say some about the nap.
    Almost every afternoon I pretend to be napping for 45min and I lay in bed and I can dream and relax my heart out and nobody ....bothers me or wants something of me.It keeps me sane!!!Thanks for adding me.


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