Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy Monday? -NOSE!

Today is Mommy Monday.  The day I am supposed to talk about being a mommy or interview  a mommy.  But it shall not be.  No.  No. No.  Or, "nose", as my son has taken to saying.  He used to say no (all the a normal baby ;-).  So it's especially cute now that he says nose.  What is not especially cute: someone little not napping today.  
Ladies without babies, you will one day understand the allimportantlifeshatteringabsolutenecessity of the nap.  And mommies -you get it.  Suffice to say: I'm a little babied out today.  
As for my outfit: I really LOVE this cardigan.  It's so lovely and "old man-ish", n'est-ce pas?  I got it for a dollar at the church sale I went to the other week.  The belt was also a dollar at that same sale (it was a really great sale). I also got a beautiful Denby water jug for a dollar (!); such a jug would retail for over 100 dollars new.  I just LOVE it when people sell great stuff for cheap (happy dance).
Oh, also the lack of nap explains why this post is so incredibly late.  And hey everyone, thanks for thinking my little button is so cute!  I really enjoyed reading all your comments about his uber cuteness yesterday!   You are all delightful.  You delight me.  I'm delighted.  Also I just ate mango yogurt which was delightful.  Up next? -tea.    

outfit total: $38
dress, from a friend
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $3
cardigan, thrifted: $1
belt, thrifted: $1
assorted bracelets, thrifted: $1 each

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I don't know what it is about it, but the first pic I think is my favorite picture of myself I have ever seen.  Maybe because I look sneaky?  Sneakiness is very me.


  1. Lol you are too funny! I totally get the need for a nap! I'm still waiting for one... :P
    I do love your $1 sweater and I am very jealous that you only paid that much for that and for the belt! Fabulous. Tea is fabulous too. I am a big fan of tea.

  2. I totally understand the power of a nap...

    So after reading this I realized that my "Fashionable Mama" thingy might seem a bit like I'm stealing your Mommy Mondays...I totally don't mean to do that...and I hope it doesn't seem that way to you! It just does seem like a great idea to share all the fabulousness with the world!

  3. I don't have kids yet, and I still understand the power of the nap. I love napping. I never did it as a child, but I started taking naps in college and they changed my life.

    Your cardi and belt are very cute and look great with your dress and shoes. Such a great way of mixing prints and what a great deal!

  4. Once I painted my kitchen cupboards while my children were napping,it only took me a few days.When I get a nap I feel so refreshed and happy afterwards.And my skin looks so good!!!I like the way you shop.

  5. Love, don't talk me to me about little ones not napping... toddler is fighting against them and I'm fighting her and #2 just looks on amused and smug.... sigh....
    You are such a fab bargain hunter btw. You rock that man cardi! :)

  6. Don't you just love finding favourite pictures of yourself? I know I do. And it's not conceited at all. It's just like finding a favourite picture of a friend. Only that friend is you. And that's pretty cool.

  7. I'm here for the first time!
    Great blog!!!
    i will follow u :)

    all the best from Poland!!!

  8. The cardi is SO nice! What a bargain too. Ooh I'm all jealous.

  9. Love the cardi, love those shoes, love you!
    Where are you? It looks fabulous. xxx

  10. Great outfit, and a gorgeous setting for your photos.

  11. I also love the cardigan and naps. (For me, because I don't have a baby. I guess I like when my dog naps, but that's not really the same.) Anyway, you look great and those are fantastic colors!

  12. nose is one of the first words of my daughter too. i love the details of the cardigan.

  13. yes, that first photo is especially delightful!

    and i love the outfit and the cardi in particular... i have a very soft spot for old cardigans.

  14. Love the cardigan as well and admire how you mix patterns and colors so well. Sorry about the no nap. He is young though so I am sure it is a fluke. Mine on the other hand I think is totally dropping it. I am in denial. I won't accept it. What will I do when they both drop it? Oh, can't event think of that right now.

  15. cute sweater, nice sneaky picture, and I am bringing my yoga gear at Christmas!


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