Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cutie Pie Sundays 2

Brightening up your Sunday with my favourite little person.  Have a great day!

jacket, thrifted: $5
hat, joe fresh style: $4
baby, custom order, very expensive, made by: God (no returns and or exchanges*)

Heart: Kimberellie

*but that's okay.  We figured on keeping him anyway.


  1. Miss Kimberly,
    The wee man brought tears to my eyes just now. Such a sweet face. I am baking "healtly cookies" for my darling man who is sick. I wish we were neighbors so I could run a few over for the wee man. You always brighten my day.
    Much Love,
    La Reveuse

  2. He is really sweet.There is no feeling in the whole world like being a proud mother!!!

  3. Ok. It's official. The day just became 500% better :)

  4. Oh bless, he's just adorable.

  5. we're both having a great day with our cutie pies.

    his smile is priceless

  6. What a great shot. His eyes are just sparkling with joy and excitement.

  7. What a beautiful smile!! He has such happiness in his eyes - must be because he has such an amazing mama!

  8. Too. Frickin. Cute.
    I held a baby this weekend for several minutes and he didn't cry. This is some kind of record for me. So maybe I can be a good mom one day after all. Seeing cuties like yours reminds me I want to :)

  9. He has your eyes! What a cutie, how could you not be happy after seeing a little face like that? :)


  10. indeed a cutie pie! Good job Kim... on many levels... making such a cute baby, taking such a cute picture, and doing some fantastic editing! You my dear are multi talented! love this pic!

  11. Prepare to read the word "cute" from me every Sunday.

  12. He's a beautiful little boy but with two uber- attractive parents like his he wouldn't be otherwise. xxx

  13. Hey, what a coincidence... he is my favorite little person too!
    Give him a big smooch from his Auntie Q for me!


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