Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the seventh sense

So this post was supposed to go up yesterday.  But I had no internet.  And also I napped during my son's nap time (ie. blogging time).  So here I am.  It's Tuesday.  Everyone do the Tuesday Dance (you shake your hips just so).

Now, last week I promised I would talk about clothes this week. I know I tend not to keep blog promises (can't help it, a woman's prerogative to change her mind and all that).  But this week I am still feeling it.  So, enough preamble, let's commence.  

Do you see MY PANTS?  Totally awesome, right?  Oh yes.  I think so.  And guess the price tag.  Just take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine a number in your head.  Was it 70 cents?  Because if it was, you're right.  Seriously, these pants cost me less than a dollar.  You see, I had a hankering to go to my favourite thrift store.  And when I got there I found out it was everything you can stick in a bag for five dollars day.  So I stuffed 7 things in a bag, including these pants (which make my butt look awesome, next time a butt picture, I promise ;-).  

I seem to have this sixth sense about sales.  I just "know".  Whenever I have an especial strong inclination to go to a shop there's a sale on.  Seriously, ask my husband.  It's like a seventh sense: the shopping sense.  

outfit total: $334.05

jacket, danier: $300
pants, vintage thrifted: 70 cents
shoes, naturalizer: $30
shirt: my mommy bought it for me
purse, danier: birthday gift from my husband
scarf, thrifted: 25 cents
wooden bracelet, thrifted: $1
silver bracelet, tiffany and co.: gift from my husband

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Can I borrow your seventh sense when I go shopping this weekend? Being a poor college student, well, that would benefit me a lot ;)

    You look chic. Not that that is anything new, because you always are. I think you have an eighth sense of always looking amazing, too.

  2. You crack me up :D
    Agreed, they're awesomer than awesome :)
    You got serious shopping mojo!

  3. Love it :)))


  4. I totally love both your jacket and your trousers (in the UK pants are underwear, I had to learn that quickly when I first came here!)

  5. Seventh sense, eh? Well I believe it, because you always find the most amazing things. I wish you could work your magic for me too, that would be awesome. You look loverly.

  6. Great trousers! Those high waisted ones always look scary on the hanger, that must be why they are reduced to buttons in the sales. Well done. Gorgeous as ever! xxx

  7. I cannot believe those cost you less than a dollar, how amazing!! The turn-ups look so cute too, I love this outfit!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. The trousers look amazing on you! I think Vix is right - they're terrifying on a hanger which is why I never look twice at them but they always look great on other bloggers.

  9. I love the waist detail on those pants!
    hmmm..I really wish I had your 7th sense...but the only problem is I have no where to use it in this little town...ugh!!

  10. And what a great sense to have! You're looking very Amelia Earhart-y here in the most fabulous way!

  11. I am so in love with those pants. They look so good on you! You have an AMAZING 7th sense! I need to learn how to shop vintage - any hints on what to look for?

  12. Love this outfit.. looks awesome and totally your style!!

    8 more days on the Earring Giveaway


  13. SUCH a fan of those trousers! And the red purse - GENIUS touch!

  14. I wanna do the Tuesday dance with you... you and your fabulous smile never fail to make me smile as well. I miss you! xoxo

  15. Those are awesome pants, I am definitely jealous of your 7th sense!

  16. Well they look great on you. That is a great talent to have. What a great sale. I wish I walked into a store with a sale like that.

  17. That's a deal!! I believe you about your sixth sense. I can tell sometimes when certain people are going to email me that day -- people I don't often hear from. It's odd but I just know. Sadly, I don't have a sixth sense for saving money...

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  19. I love the way you mix very expencive stuff with bargains!At the end of the day what counts is the ambience of an outfit not the price range.

  20. I. Want. Those. Pants!
    I do! I really do!
    They make me feel physical pain, they are that gorgeous.


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