Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm too cute to pass up

I'm kind of slouching in the second pic.  But I was just too cute to pass up.  Hey, I'm cute right?  I think so.  And really, doesn't my opinion count most?  Darn straight it does. 

And hey, I was thinking, even if I didn't blog I would still take pictures of my outfits.  I really would.  And I don't know why.  Some strange inner compulsion perchance?  And let me think: I think I'm hungry.  I think I would like to eat an apple.  Or a little mini box of raisins (remember those? I have those.  YES YES I DO. The perks of being a mother!). 

Also it appears that is is an allleopardprinttightsweek, this week.  If it ain't leopard print I shan't clad my ruffle bum in it.  Not that I am wearing ruffle bum panties in this look.  I actually have no idea what sort of panties I am wearing in these photos.  Maybe the Gap ones.  Also you should know Gap makes RIDICULOUSLY comfortable bum cladders (my new word for panties...the word panties just sounds so dirty). Butt seriously: com~fort~able. Now you know.  And you also know that I own Gap undergarments.

Stop talking Kimberellie.  People are sick of hearing the mundane minutia of your life.  Are they?  Yes.  Really?  Seriously, stop writing and go browse Forever 21 online.  And then go look at Chanel online. And then kiss the framed picture of your husband that sits on the desk in front of you (with glasses, his high school grad pic...he's a young studmuffin).

Hey, and thanks for sticking around until the end of this monologue.  I personally tuned out about halfway through.  

outfit total: $379

skirt, given to me by my mother in law
tights, ardene: $3
booties, thrifed: $12
jacket, danier: $350
shirt, joe fresh style: $10
heart necklace, thrifted: $1
cross and virgin mary pendant: gifts
bracelets, all thrifted, all a dollar

Heart: Kimberellie Miss Furnellie Kimberellie Miss Furnellie Kimberellie Miss Furnellie


  1. Oh I love your ramblings!
    I love the tough chic look of this outfit!

  2. We wanna see some Mr Kimberellie now! *whoooooo*

  3. Mundane minutiae are the best kind of minutiae! Also, I'm totally lusting after that jacket. I'd lust after the whole deal, but I doubt I could pull off animal print anywhere close to as well as you do.

    Thanks tons for the follow! :D And I'll second Penny Dreadful up there - we want man pics!

  4. Once again, I'm giggling away here. I love your leopard print fantasticness. And good to know about the Gap's "bum-cladders" I've been very let down by VS Pink's lately.
    And I agree--I wish I did live nearby! You guys could come for dinner, and also you could take me shopping and show me all those awesome places you get unbelievable deals. It would be a win-win for sure.

  5. How dare you tune out first? :D and yes, yes. Supercute ;)

    Barbarella is slowly being torn apart by parakeets behind my back (that 's where the tv is at). Very slowly and inefficiently. Thought I'd share. Parakeets. (It 's late.. or really early)

  6. Me thinks you found the word I nicked from you.
    I came home with my fresh doo to jump in the wave of my creative tsunami.
    It's all your fault I've been up with God most of this week.

    Much Love,

  7. i totally agree with the gap undies, they are super comfy. and i love your mix of leopard prints. and that jacket. let me know when you're done with it okay? okay. sounds great. :)

  8. Gap undies? I'll have to give them a try.... The outfit you're wearing that I can see is great of course. The skinny leopard belt is awesome!

  9. You can't tell because you're the one writing it, but your blog is SERIOUSLY entertaining. Plus you always look amazing. I love those tights. When I come to your blog I always look at the photos, mumble compliments about your outfit, then read your post and smile and feel like I'm having a better day. I'm very glad you're going to keep blogging.

  10. Love the belt and the tights! And I'll definitely have to pick up some undies next time I go into Gap.

  11. Bum cladders, tee hee. I'm not a fan of the word panties either, I much prefer the good old fashioned British "knickers", especially when said somewhat dramatically.

    ps - you are very cute!

  12. Ah, the perks of being a mother... others being eating chocolate tiny teddies and colouring-in and making sandcastles again, and its all OK and quite socially acceptable for an adult to do these because you're Teaching your Kid...!
    And adorable outfit. You are indeed cute. LOVE the jacket!

  13. I love the jacket, it is to die for! But the tights are fabulous also. I am so glad I ran across your blog and that you are staying!

  14. Oh, my goodness. You are SO funny. I love you.

    That is all.

  15. oh my god! very very expensive outfit! i love your belt and your accessories! you looking good!

    Taradiddles of Style on a budget

  16. You are best rambler. I love that long heart gold pendant in your outfit. May be cause everything is black and grey it just pops out. The belt also stands out. And of course the tights.
    I also love the irony of chanel vs. Foreve 21.

  17. love the color of your booties! you got a supercute smile ;)

  18. Great outfit! I love your style ♥
    xoxo from Hannie
    Ps: I´m your newest follower :)

  19. Hehe, you make me laugh.
    You also make me like the clothes that you are wearing.

  20. You are writing the way your thoughts come up!And we love it!!!Your outfits as well but it goes whithout saying!

  21. Love your rants! They are super entertaining! :)

    I am all about the Leopard overload here - it's fantastic!!

  22. Just found your blog through Clothed Much's round up of coloured tights. I love your style and the fact that you say how much your outfit cost (I do that too). Lots of thrifty style here - definitely following.


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