Wednesday, November 3, 2010

kissing and coddling and cashmere

What's with always liking the newest bestest?  Newest gadget, newest restaurant, newest boy toy, newest article of clothing.  Okay, maybe not newest boy toy.  I mean, if I did have a boy toy I might prefer the newest boy toy.    But I don't.  I have toys that belong to my little boy: cars, and balls, and such.  But that's different.  Where was I?  Right: newer = better.  At least that's the way it seems to be with our closets: mine and yours.

But wait a minute: I think that sucks.  I think it is sad to neglect our old clothes in favor of our new clothes.  I mean, they probably get sad, right?  Well, I know I would if I were a poor neglected sweater.  Unless I was pill-ey, then I would feel that I was rightly neglected and should be thrown out  (I hate pill-ey sweaters, even ones that know their place and know they should be thrown out...that's the kind of sweater I would be: self-aware and self-sacrificing*).

Anyway, I am sick.  And I am tired.  And I need to go to bed before this blog entry becomes even more incoherent.  So let's get to the point of all this, brace yourselves: I am *ahem* not going to buy ANY clothes until January.  Yes, you have heard me correctly.  Instead I am going to renew old love affairs with forgotten skirts, and shirts, and jackets.  I am going to kiss and coddle and love my clothes.  Or maybe I will just hem, and tailer, and alter them.  But whatever.  What's old will be best.  What's old will be new again.  And that one shouldered skin tight black sweater dress?  I am going to find a way to wear it, darn it, I am.

outfit total: $93

shoes, naturalizer: $30
bag, danier: bday gift from husband
skirt, vintage thrifted: $3
jacket, from winners: $35
belt, jacob: $20
scarf: gift from Lee
sweater, joe fresh style: $5
purple pearl necklace: gift from husband

heart: Kimberellie

*and cashmere

psst:  am hoping to catch up on some blog reading tomorrow.  And send some email replies.  And well, do all the stuff that I didn't do today because sitting at the computer is not fun when you are ill.

psssssssst!: blog written Tuesday night...posted Wednesday morning.  Either that or I have moved to a different time zone.  Can't be sure.  Not well enough to think it through proper like.  gooooo tooo sleeeeep Kimberellieeee


  1. No new clothes till the new year? Good on you, Kiddo. Wish you all the best with that one.
    Mind you, you have so many fab lothes and you look gorgeous in everything anyway. Loving those red tights (and the cheeky smile). xxx

  2. Ah, I can't imagine not buying clothes for 2 months! I admire your dedication! And I am quite smitten with your bright red tights!

  3. I loved this post ,sis.I'm also considering not buying things for a long time.Only maybe sew a few or maybe not.I'm going to love my old ones! Thanks for the idea!BTW great outfit.Get better soon!

  4. Hey good for you! I do need to be nicer to the clothes I already own - I am so rubbish at mending (at least, I am not rubbish. I am perfectly capable, but very lazy indeed). I also want to get a de-piller thingy to sort all my jumpers out. But then that is shopping. IT IS A VICIOUS CIRCLE.

  5. I love your coat! Good luck with the shopping ban! Definitely not a bad idea.

  6. Oh how I love this outfit! Funny coming from the mouth (ok fingers) of the girl who used to hate red...but I'm loving all the red in the outfit...and with the leopard it's great!!
    Perhaps you should join the 30 for 30 challenge on Kendi Everyday! (I'm going to!)

  7. Gorgeous.
    Love the tights, skirt, headscarf, belt, you, you get the picture.


  8. Ohh, I know. I've got a bag of clothes "to tailor" (or, more accurately, "to get tailored") that's been sitting around for who knows how long! I need to get that done so I can wear them! I want to love ALL my clothes :) And you're looking super glamorous by the way, with your leopard and red!!

  9. Feel better! You look amazing for not feeling well!

    Loving all the red and leopard together - fantastic!

  10. If anyone can do it, you can do it! From what I've seen since I've been following, you have a truly enviable wardrobe and I'm sure it's stuffed with lots of forgotten gems.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    ps - red + leopard = WIN!

  11. That is a hot look lady. I hope you feel better soon. And I know that you can make it until January without buying clothes. You can do it!

  12. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you get better very soon. Love the idea of red tights with red skirt. I have been trying to wear the same shade red tights I own and they always seem to scream but under a red skirt they look great. Might steal that. So funny, cause I also made a promise to my self to not shop for me in the month of November. I can't be as strong as you and wait until January but even 1 month is good I think. I get such a thrill out of wearing my old clothes when magically they can fit the current trend.

  13. Love the red! One of my fave colours.
    THANK YOU for your sweet comment. That totally made my day.:) You need to drop me an email sometime.
    And you TOTALLY could do the self-imposed no spending.... just remember that Christmas is coming up so you could get clothes as presents! hehe.

  14. Kapow! this outfit is awesome! I usually have a hard time pulling off red, but you do so beautifully, and I love how you've mixed in TWO prints. So good. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  15. Okay, 2 for 2 in the post department.
    You're funny, fashionable and YOU SEW??? I'm in. Count me as your newest "follower".

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  16. i love the red/black/leopard :)

    two months?? i think that is great!!! good luck! i've actually been pretty good... sept-all saints boots & 3 items at goodwill, oct- j.c. boots & 5 items at goodwill. we shall see how nov goes.... but i always seem to pick up an item or two while christmas shopping :P


  17. Wowee what a challenge. You can do it! I know you can. I am looking forward to seeing what you do along the way. I love a good challenge :)


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