Tuesday, November 16, 2010

okay, I'll stay...because I heart you.

You twisted my arm.  I'll stay.  And here's why: because although each one of you said something different; each one of you said the right thing:

"Go!  Take your time!  We all need time!"
"Stay!  Stay! Stay!"
"You love blogging.  I know you do!  Stay!"
"Do what feels best!"
"Here's how to fiddle with your template!"
"Share!  The you.  The you with us!  Do!"

And I paraphrase wildly.  But my point is: thanks.  Yesterday I was in a horrid mood.  But today I am not.  And also, I see what it is a like about blogging: you.  I like you. All of you.  So thank you for being the reason I stick around and  share the myself I am with the you yous are.

I heart yous:

Heart: ME

but here's the dealio: I think all the Kimberellie I am able to give is moi twice a week or so.  If that isn't enough for you, feel free to come to my blog page on the off days and imagine a post by me.
outfit total: $15

dress: I JUST found it in a bag of craft stuff.  I recall I bought it years ago: $3
cardi: gift from Lee
tights, H&M: gift from Lee
shoes, thrifted: $7
leather gloves, cole haan on super clearance: $5
scarf: my mommy made it for me

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.  ~Swedish Proverb


  1. I knew you were just in a bad mood. (or "poopey mood" as we say ;)
    You are too cute too. I think I like you because you and I are the same age. And yes you may use a pic as long as it is a totally flattering and gorgeous pic, otherwise I decline. :P

  2. So glad you're staying...and as long as its on your own terms then it's a great thing!
    I love your cardi!! It looks soo cozy

  3. yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! we'd miss you, you know :)
    and yes you can use a pic of me for the blogging mommies!

  4. I miss you, and you simply MUST be missing me..yes?? ;) I want to get back into my blogging, but I have no gumption left for it after my workday *sigh*
    (truly missing being a stay at home mom!)
    But, I am very glad that you will stay, and I still pop in here and there to look at how fabulous you are =D

  5. Great outfit AGAIN! Stop raising the bar woman! ;) Mind you though, your other post (the one I imagined as instructed) I thought was rather terrible. I mean: You sort of made the violent pink poof skirt work with the canary yellow (what was that?) but wearing one oxford shoe and one peeptoe was a bit much.

    I change how often I post all the time. At the minute I am posting lots to keep myself busy (combating winter) but other times four posts a month is all I can manage. Don't let it become a chore, I am sure us followers'll manage as long as there is a promise of more Kimberellie at some point :D

  6. Whoa, How weird that sometimes you think you are the only one thinking something and then you realize someone else was too on the same day! I actually cried. Thinking about quitting. today actually. Like mourning the loss of the blog I have not quit yet but thinking it is inevitable at some point so crying over that since I wasn't sure I even wanted to do it anymore. But, I changed my mind. And yes, it is the people. I didn't hint that I was quitting, but I know that I would miss being a part of the community. So I am staying. for now. And I am SO glad to hear that you are too! for now, a couple days a week at least, which is all I am really able to squeeze out right now too it seems. Hmmm. Great minds? Connected at the brain? I don't know, but I will say that you look darn lovely and and I would miss your blog and humor greatly. But I get the limits. I get it. Happy to have met you and to continue to learn from you. hope to continue at least. :)

  7. I'm glad you're staying. The fashion blogging world wouldn't be the same without your presence.

    That being said, don't overdo it. Do it when it makes you happy, don't do it when it's a chore. Do it because you love, don't do it when you hate it. :) Do it because you think, "I have to tell my other bloggy friends this (because no one in my offline world will understand like they do." Don't do it because "if I don't people will stop reading."

    Anyway, you're great!

  8. Oh, so happy. You look so cozy and your son looks beyond words cute.

  9. Twice a week is great - really, as often as you want to post is great. I quite often find real life doesn't allow for blogging as often as you might like but daily bloggers aren't the norm.

  10. Rotfl. I am glad you are staying because you CRACK ME UP. I want the wee man's jumper too, he looks uber cosy.

  11. You're back! Hooray!

    I simply love that first picture. And have you colour coordinated your outfit with your son? If so, adorable. If not, still adorable.

  12. Hurray!


    Truth be told, your outfits are gorg and inspiring and make me want to be all fashionable and just as cool as you are, but the thing I like VERY best is all the pictures of that adorable little monster in the hat up there. You're a lucky mommy :)

  13. Gorgeous outfit!
    You write so well, you are both eloquent and interesting. So I'm glad you're staying but I understand about the time thing. Blogging can be a big commitment!

  14. So I have been slightly absent from the interwebs for a few days, and didn't even realize you had quit. But I am glad you changed your mind because I would sure miss you here, and my adorable little man.
    But of course you shouldn't feel obligated to blog more often than you want. That is the joy of being in charge of your blog... you get to make the rules!

  15. Yea!! So glad you are staying. :) I love that first picture - it is stunning!

  16. I'm glad - don't quit. We want you. We love you.

    I love this outfit. That sweater looks so comfy!


  17. Yayyyy! That makes me happy Kimberellie! But you have to do it your way--because when it starts to feel like a job that's when it's no fun anymore. I know we'll all support you blogging on your schedule, not someone else's. But I'm glad I'll still get to see your creative style and read your hilarious, beautiful posts!

  18. I knew you would stay!you love blogging a lot but it's not for every day if you have a family.So take your time 2 times is enough maybe better!When 30 for 30 is over i will slow ,too.

  19. Glad you are not quitting! I love reading your blog :)
    In answer to your question about blogging templates- i use the very simple template and host all my pictures on photobucket.com to make them a larger size! Maybe worth a try?

  20. i love that scarf paired with that cardi... it looks sooo comfyummy!


    ps i'm glad you are staying!

  21. pps..... your son is soooooooooooooooo cute!

  22. Love this outfit and your new layout! (ps of course you can use my pic:)


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