Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Pardon me miss, but I can see your bum"

True story.

Standing in the line for the change rooms at Winners today:

tap. tap. tap. I turn around.

Teenage girl (politely): "There is HUGE rip in the back of your skirt."

Me, immediately covering bum: "Thank you for telling me!!!"

Teenage girl: "I would want someone to tell me!"

Me: "I've been out for awhile and no one said anything!"

Yes. My bum was exposed for a good LONG while. You see it's the skirt. The zipper sometimes doesn't do up right. I don't always remember to check. So of course I was wearing my sheer undies. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing my ruffle bum undies (which I did consider wearing this morning).

Though, I don't really know which is worse. The ruffle bum undies aren't sheer; but they are ruffle bum (which really are meant to be worn by the under 6 set). So am I not just totally announcing to the world my complete lack of adult competence if my skirt has a huge hole in the back and I wear ruffle bum undies?

Yes, I know. The sheer underpants are worse. I'm just trying to make myself feel better and salvage what remains of my dignity. How blogging about it helps with that, I don't know.

outfit details:

suede skirt, thrifted: $3
shoes, thrifted: $4
cardigan, was a friend's mother-in-law's
shirt, winners: $5
necklace, thrifted: $4
glasses, kate spade via $68
shame: I obviously don't have any


ps. the ruffle bum undies in question are indeed an adult size pair (just in case you thought otherwise. that would be ridiculous. and uncomfortable. and embarrassing. also, I just wanted to say ruffle bum one more time).


  1. Aw, Kimberellie. Hahaha :) Hopefully, you can laugh it off some day soon.

    As long as it's embarrassing story time....

    this one time, me and my friends were goofing around at the "gym" of the hotel we were staying at for a soccer tournament. Well, we had our bikinis on as we were going to go swimming before we got distracted by the excercise room. Deciding to be "cool", I stepped onto the treadmill just for kicks. This gym happened to have a "viewing" window looking out into the hallway and here I was, bikini clad running away on the treadmill when i turned and saw an entire boys soccer team watching me. Freaked out, I stopped running, which due to physics, meant that the treadmill kept going and when I stopped, I flew backwards and smashed into the wall. To make it worse, I had a HUGE rasberry on my bum and alllll these boys saw it and were now laughing at me through the viewing window.

    major FML moment :)

  2. Oh, man, how embarrassing. I'm glad someone finally told you! Your outfit is very pretty - I especially like the shirt. I love the way you're able to mix patterns and make it look perfectly natural.

  3. I love your shoes.

    Bless that girl for telling you. I'm sure she was embarrassed to have to bring it up.

  4. That's such a fun story. :) And i love your glasses!

  5. I just love your attitude, you seem to take things so lightly. embarrassing as it was, it's still a funny story. love the shoes and the cardigan :)

  6. Hahahaha, I love reading your posts, always so funny.
    That's a lovely skirt, shame about the exposing part. Nice of the girl to tell you though! why don't more people do that!! I've often walked about with something in my teeth or mascara smudges and not one person says anything...

    X x

  7. Ohhh I've had those experiences too lol. Well thank goodness she told you, what a sweetheart!! And kudos to you, for takin it in stride! Missed you!!! xoxo

  8. OMG, that sounds like something that would happen to me!

    Hey if it makes you feel better, I love ruffled bummed underwear.. they are so fun. :)


  9. LOL! this made me laugh! haaa its fine, noone cares, just blame the people who saw as perverts. shouldnt have been looking at your bum.

  10. You so crack me up and I love it! Yep, kudos to that gal for letting you know.....and whoever saw your bum...well, shouldn't have been looking anyhow ;) haha...although we all know your bum is fabulous so they may not have been able to help themselves!! :D
    Ruffle bum, ruffle bum...I can see why you like to say it...rolls of the tongue so nicely. I love how you call it a bum, btw! So much nicer than 'butt', as we say around these parts, HA!
    hey, I'm off to work on your pixie girl!

  11. I love reading your blog, as no matter what the topic its always so funny!

  12. The ruffled undies would definitely create such a statement. Hahaha! You are truly hilarious K. I love your attitude. xoxo

  13. hahahahaha!! You're gorgeous! The story is embarassing but your retelling is adorable!
    I think if you had been wearing your "ruffle bum" pair it would have been rather quirky, seen under the straight lines of this outfit.
    Your sheer pair would have made people think "hmmm...saucy" and "oh dear, someone should tell her" and "hmmm I'm a pervert, I won't tell her"...!
    Yay to the young lady who did.

  14. Oh this is my first time on your blog and I'm sooo loving it! You're so frank and honest! And love your shoes in this post!! :) I sometimes get all conscious when people stare at me and first thing I check my zippers! :P :) Following you!

  15. HA! i own a couple ruffle butt undies too. bought then for my halloween costumes a couple years ago. you know it's laundry day when i'm rockin those pretties. hahaha!

    rock on with your hot mama self!

  16. I've seen those ruffled bum panties, and I just adore them!!! Good to know someone else does too :) And thank goodness for the unbridled honesty of teenagers, right? I love that color green with the dark grey printed blouse, fabulous!

  17. Oh what a beautiful mix of patterns and colors!

  18. ah ha ha ha, that is so awesome. I am glad that the girl told you. It is so nice when people tell you that you have something on your face, or in your teeth, or that your bum is showing.
    I am sure you handled it with grace and aplomb.

  19. Ohmygosh, I'd die if something like that were to happen to me! Thank Goodness someone told you.
    Fabulous photos, btw. Your top is super pretty. :)

  20. Hello Kimberellie ! Well, let's speak french !

    J'adore ta jolie jupe et tes lunettes !

  21. ok... so i have ruffle bum underpants too... and i think it may be worse because i call them underpants... my boyfriend always laughs at that... haha

    but... how awesome is the color of your skirt??? i love it :)

    and i will eventually take a picture of my favorite cup, i've been meaning to for a long time, but the lighting in my apt is sooooooo bad... well, it's good for sleeping in reeeallly late :)


  22. Aww how embarrassing!!
    Its a great skirt though!

  23. so i actually said "ruffle bum" aloud and i think it may be my new phrase. i made a vow to work it into a sentence at a really awkward moment just to see the look on everyone else's face. the green skirt is AWEsome. it's not everyday you see a skirt whole color can officially be labeled "evergreen". i want to touch it.


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