Monday, May 10, 2010

the difference between kind and nice

These photos were taken by a good friend of mine, Kelly. My son and I met her and some other friends at the beach; and I gave Kelly my camera so that I could stop my son from (potentially) eating rocks. I said offhand that she could take some pics if she felt like it. She took this comment to heart and snapped a lot of great pics of my son and me.

Thanks Kelly!

Also, I want to mention something I realized about Kelly as I stood as a bridesmaid at her wedding: Kelly is a truly beautiful person.

One thing that is truly remarkable about her is that I have never, and I mean NEVER heard her say one bad word about anyone. And this is not because Kelly is "nice" (though she is nice); but because she is kind (the difference, I think, between nice and kind, is nice is for show, and kind is because you truly care). Kelly truly cares about people. And what's even more amazing about Kelly is that, not only has she never said anything cruel or rude or dismissive about anyone, I swear she has never even THOUGHT such things.

She is truly the kindest person I have ever met in my life. There is no one she does not have a good word for. There is no one she would ever say an unkind word about. It is one thing to be nice, lots of us are nice, heck I'm even nice, but to be consistently and unfailing kind and generous in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and assumptions about others? Only Kelly. I know no one else. Certainly not myself. In fact a common, and sincere, prayer of mine is: "Dear God, help me to stop being such a bitch".

outfit details:

shorts, thrifted vintage BCBG: $1
shirt, winners: $3
shoes, joe fresh style: from a swap
scarf: gift from my mother
cardigan, winners: $5
glasses, kate spade, via $68

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. What wonderful pictures. Made all the more better knowing how wonderful the person that took them is.

  2. I agree. In fact, M and I have discussed this, how we have never heard K utter a bad word about anyone. It's amazing... and refreshing.

    ps. S forgives you. She also had fun today :)

  3. Lovely, realy cute photos!

  4. very cute pictures amazing post tht boy looks great sweer

  5. i agree with kind vs. nice. i really appreciate that you broke it down like that. ps: i love the whole outfit. as always, i'm a big fan of your glasses. and i love the shoes...just adds a little bit of color and totally works with the whole outfit. lovely!

  6. love this easy breezy look... especially the shorts and the scarf.

  7. Aww your son is sooo cute..I love his hat!! I think I need to repeat your prayer for myself sometime....haha..I love it!!

  8. Your son is so adorable! And I love your scarf with this!

  9. ok... the last line... totally cracked me up!!! still laughing....

    you are lucky to have such a friend.

    and you are lucky that you look so cute in these photos :)


  10. i love what you wrote about kelly its very true she is very lovely person

  11. that should be a constant prayer of mine too. i can be pretty snotty sometimes, and for no real reason. it's cool that you have such a friend. i have a friend like that, she couldn't be mean if she tried. it's because she's kind and compassionate and puts others ahead of herself. i wish i was more like that! but you look fabulous here. and i really really mean that. i love your shorts, the perfect ones for you i'd say. those shoes are adorable. love the scarf and cardi. you really do look so pretty!

  12. these photos of you and your son are precious!

  13. Love these adorable pictures! Just precious! Okay, I want to be like your friend Kelly too....and I want to hang out with her :D

  14. Your prayer resonates with me, but I have not grown up enough to start sending it upward myself.


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