Friday, May 7, 2010

now where's my gun?

I think in the last photo I look a little like I'm thinking: "Now where is my gun?" Which seems fitting considering that after taking a look at myself in the mirror I thought I sort of looked like a crazy secretary. But I didn't really have time to change as I was off with my son to visit his cousins.

If a lot of my outfits seem a little crazy it's because I am often rushing out the door to drive my husband to work so that I can have the car for the day. Actually, after downloading these pics onto the computer I noticed this outfit in my outfits folder (yes, I have a special folder for all these pics. Don't you?) and I thought: "Ugh, what was I thinking?!" But then I looked at it again on the blog and noticed that a lot of people really liked it. So uh, I don't know. I think I just like my crazy secretary look better. Or maybe tomorrow I will say: "Ugh, what was I thinking?" to the crazy secretary look (especially if I keep calling it that).

But you know what?- I don't think so. I am usually very pleased whenever I wear a high waist skirt with heels and my shirt tucked. The "fifties secretary look" just always feels so put together to me. And if there is one thing I like more than anything in an outfit, it's that "put together" feeling. Oh, to have a french manicure, a facial, hair recently cut, and a shiny new outfit? So nice. My dream. My dream that does not come true anymore now that I have my dream baby (so completely worth it).

But uh, I've got the perfume:

Look by Vera Wang.

I swear whenever I spritz myself with this scent I just "feel" put together even if I'm not even dressed yet. Speaking of not being dresses, I wanted to share a good tip with you ladies*: if you are ever running late while getting dressed and your husband is getting annoyed, the sure fire way to turn his "annoyed with you", into "happy with you" is to continue to get ready sans bottoms wearing your frilliest panties. Seriously. It works.

outfit details:

skirt, cleo (yes, I was shopping with my mom again): $14
shirt, winners: $5
cardi: belonged to a friend's mom now MINE ALL MINE
bangles: a few bucks
tiffany's bracelet: a gift
glasses, kate spade via clearly contacts: $68
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, roberto vianni: $10

Heart: Kimberellie

*I am assuming there aren't many fellow who read this. But if you are a fellow, don't try this. We women aren't so easily distracted. Just hurry your butts up (which don't look half as good frilled as ours do anyway).


  1. HaHa...I love your "getting dressed" tip...that reminds me of what I have done when I got new shoes...Brody does not support my shoe I figured out a way to get him a bit distracted when I get new shoes....I put on ONLY the shoes...and prance into whatever room he is in..and ask him if he likes my new shoes...of course he is much too distracted to even glance at the shoes....

    PS. I hope you Son Heals Fast!

  2. I love that you call your outfit the "fifties secretary look". And its a very nice "fifties secretary look" too :) and i love your skirt and your shoes!

    xoxo Kayla

    check out my blog? I would really appreciate it :)

  3. I was thinking "pleasingly eccentric (in a good way) librarian or secretary" Believe me, I LIKE eccentric, haha! :D I totally think that you can pull off having a lot going on with your outfits--you just have the flair to make them work! You look great!

  4. Such a scare with your little boy, I'm so glad he's okay. That must have been so heart wrenching, I can't even imagine.

    Girl, I love your 50's secretary look. The high-waisted skirt and tucked blouse is a favorite of mine too and I think you pull it off great!! So cool that you have a perfume that makes you feel like that, I need a signature fragrance so badly!!!

  5. i love the scent of perfume. i've used the same perfume for years and every time i wear it i get a little nostalgic smile on my face.

    p.s. i leeuuuv the lace tights combines with all the other prints. the bow on the blouse is adorable (as is the color). i'll say it again- those shoes are perfect on you.

  6. and THANK you for all of your comments. they make my day.

  7. your outfit is so perfect and has such a great mixture of textures

  8. I adore the tights. Just found your blog -- you have lovely style and great prose!


  9. Loved your post,
    Awesome blog!
    Please check out ours, comment, follow, whatever, it's all great!
    -Madeline and Sophie

  10. amazing look
    love your jacket!

  11. ah, i love it! all the texture, and mix of fabrics... the tights are awesome!

  12. great outfit! :-)


  13. I really love this outfit, it really works with all the prints and textures going on.

  14. This is so great! I love mixing and mismatching prints. Cute, cute.

    Passport Smiles


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