Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I guess I'll wear a crochet dress

I really like the pattern on this scarf. So I thought I would wear it just well, hanging there. Only I see now the reason why people DON'T wear scarves just "hanging there"; because one cannot always get them to hang straight. Meh. I can't say I'm too concerned. Well, not as concerned as the scarf was.

Me: "Scarf, I'm just going to throw you around my neck and wear you hanging there."

: "Good, I'm sick of being tied in a bow."

"Don't talk back to me scarf. I will wear you however I feel like."

"Yeah. Okay. Sure. And I'll just be crooked whenever I feel like."

"I'm sorry."

"Too late. And don't think I won't remember this next time either."

As for the rest of the outfit (which I've yet to have a conversation with):

I'm wearing this awesome Guess crocheted dress over a black tank and a jean mini (it's hard to see in the pics). I wasn't entirely certain about this outfit when I put it on. But again, meh, I'm not feeling well, and neither is my son. So, I wasn't too concerned as I went about my day. But now seeing the pics I'm thinking: yeah. I like it. It is sort of a bizarre mixture of patterns and textures. But, well, it nonetheless pleaseth me well.

Sometimes I have outfits like that: I'm not entirely certain if they "look good"; but I like them anyway. I had this one sweater I loved so much in high school that people, when describing me, would describe the sweater! Now, I know it didn't "look good". It had various holes in the sleeves and along the seams (and not holes in an "avant garde" way either, more of a "you have moths way") and it was way too big (it had been my stepfather's from when he was in high school). Anyway, whenever I wore it I felt SO confident and chic. It didn't look good. Yet I felt GREAT in it. So maybe in the end I pulled it off. Maybe I looked good even if the sweater didn't.

One day I will get myself a scanner, or a steadier hand with my digital, and post some pics of The Sweater. And then you can all tell me how great I looked in it. And we can mourn its absence together. Man, I miss that sweater.

outfit details:

crochet dress, guess, thrifted: $6
jean skirt: clothes swapped tank, bluenotes: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30

brown cardi, winners: $5
scarf, cleo: gift from my mom
glasses, vera wang, via $68
Heart: Kimberellie

--also, YES, I know I have won some blog awards lately (do the Kimberellie dance!). But as I am sick-yet still have to do the dishes, I will be picking them up and giving them out tomorrow (at which time I will do the Kimberellie dance again).


  1. Wow. I have a crochet sweater from the 80's that my mom gave me and I never know what to wear with it. I really like your idea...maybe I should try it

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! And I love the cardigan with those shoes.

    From the sound of it, I had a similar sweater in high school. It was a big, brown, V-neck sweater that belonged to my best friend's older sister's boyfriend from when he was in high school. It was too big and just not the right cut. It never looked that good but man I felt like a million bucks when I wore it.

  3. I love your glasses, and your smile! :)

    A xx

  4. Hahaha I loved reading your conversation with your scarf :) I feel like I have the same one with my scarf and my TIGHTS every day only it would go like this

    me: tights, please don't fall down and make my crotch appear 6 inches lower than it should be.
    tights: I will do damn well what I please, maggie so be quiet
    me: tights, please stop sliding around. You're making the stripes appear like diagonal streaks!
    tights: shut up, maggie. I do my own thing.

    Ect. Ect.

    Anyways, cute outfit!! I think it's the person that makes the clothes, not the clothes that make the person. So. I definitely think your sweater looked chic because you FELT chic. get what I'm sayin?;)

    get better!

  5. I think the crochet dress is adorable! and I love the cozy cardi! and I'll betcha you really did make that old sweater look GOOD!!!!!!! ;)

  6. Gorgeous scarf and that dress is so fun! You look wonderful, as always. :)


  7. Oh my gosh, I want that dress. It is so utterly fabulous!! You look fantastic girl!!

  8. That dress is amazing! Love it!

  9. Ohh that dress is incredible!!! And I'm a huge fan of just letting the scarf hang. I plan on wearing it like that on that. Instant blankie :D

  10. I screwed up.
    "wearing it like that on the traiiiin" is what i meant! =)

  11. ooooooooh, i love this. the layers. the mixed prints/textures... right up my alley!!!


  12. this is a wickid outfit! waht you on about you wernt too sure when you put it on! the dress with those shoes are mint! that means very very very very good where im from. Wow what an eduaction I have just given you in how to be 'street'. sorry. il stop talking crap now. Franco x


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