Wednesday, May 19, 2010

neck scarf strangulation 101

The second picture most accurately represents the colour of this skirt. I totally LOVE this outfit. In fact, I had a love affair all day with it. Starting in the morning and continuing, to well, now. One day we will have to part (today actually, bed time to be specific), but until then the romance continues. I suppose if I really loved this outfit I would sleep in it. But uh, I might kick my husband with the shoes. And that wouldn't be nice. And there's always the unlikely, but disastrous, possibility of strangulation by neck scarf.

And nobody wants to be strangled by a neck scarf. Or a robe belt. I actually have quite the paranoia about this. It's my mom's fault really. She would always ask when she "tucked me in": "Is your robe belt still attached?". And I would either say: "No" or have to take the belt of my robe off (for some strange reason I slept with my robe on as a teenager...and yes, my mother "tucked me in" until I left home at 18).

Anyway, in retrospect it is really quite hilarious. I mean, what did my mother think?-that the belt of my robe was going to sneak its way out of the belt holes and slither up from under the covers and wrap itself around my neck and then tighten? Like some sort of robe belt boa constrictor? What kind of possessed bathrobe did she think I was wearing?

Though I admit, I, to this day, can't sleep with anything long and belt-like in the bed. Just the other night there was a scarf of mine on the FOOT of the bed. And I couldn't sleep until I evicted it and shut it securely in a dresser drawer. I mean, if a robe belt can kill you, just think what a neck scarf could do! After all, the neck is its natural habitat. Which is the real reason I tie those suckers in bows all the time...

outfit details:

vintage skirt, v.v.: $3
thrifted scarf, anne klein: $2
thrifted t shirt, roxy: $2
thrifted shoes, aldo: $5
tights: from a friend
glasses, kate spade via $68

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. That is a totally awesome outfit for you! I think it's so YOU, and I just love the shoes! Yikes, I much prefer modern sizes after reading this...I don't like to think what size I'd be in vintage! Sheesh!

    Hey, still interested in that pixie necklace? :)

  2. You are totally hilarious K... strangulation by a scarf or a robe belt. Hahaha! I can't stop laughing while reading this post. I might pee in my pants right now. But seriously, that skirt is awesome. I'm in love with it too. xoxo

  3. Oh, man, this is such a funny post. I commend you for being able to wear a scarf at all. Personally I can't stand things around my neck. No turtlenecks for me.

    Your outfit is adorable, and even though I don't wear anything but flats, I love the shoes.

  4. That skirt is beautiful. Such a great color and I love the ruffles on it!

  5. I love the little ruffles on that skirt, and the bold color of it. Awesome shoes too!

  6. The shoes are fabulous! Well, the whole outfit is fabulous - you know this - but the shoes especially.

    I lived in a house with no heat for three years and so wore scarves to bed, and no lie, had such a fear of accidentally killing myself by somehow rolling over while still on one end of it that I dreamt of it nearly every night. So I relate. Like whoa.

  7. I love this outfit! The scarf, the glasses, the shoes, the SKIRT! Omg. I die. You are just too fabulous. :)

  8. Hehe I love your stories.
    I totally don't blame you for being in love with this outfit. It is pretty special.

  9. and I love the's hilarious.. :D

  10. I love the first picture, and your outfit! :D

    And ack, my mom did exactly the same the thing. Well, not every night, but she managed to make me completely paranoid about possible sleep strangulation XD. Those mothers, huh? :D

  11. lol, that's a great reason to tie the scarf as a bow. Cute outfit!

  12. I have the SAME phobia! Mine is mostly centered around necklaces and scarves, though robe belts have occasionally entered the equation too! And mine also stems from my mother. Sometimes I wonder if they mess with our heads on purpose, to see how crazy we turn out to be as adults.

    I am madly in love with your shoes and top... So cute!!! That scarf is pretty awesome too! The whole outfit is amazing, actually :)

    And thanks for entering my giveaway, and for your advice! I seriously couldn't make a decision without some input... I'm terrified of decisions. I think it's another mom-planted phobia, LOL.

    fashion nerdom ::
    (check out my blog for a fantastic giveaway!)

  13. Très jolie tenue !
    Et bravo pour le français !!!

  14. Are you serious? You got the skirt for $3. Wow, spectacular!!! It is so cute and I love how it has little ruffles going down the front.

    You look adorable, as always!


  15. That skirt is gorgeous Kimberellie!!! I love the bright pop of the red! It stands out!


    Have you ever thought of taking it up for real? I would read anything you wrote. It makes me laugh out loud every single time.

    I love your blog posts :)



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