Tuesday, May 4, 2010

everything I wore today

I've long been wanting to do a post where I document EVERY outfit I wear in a day. So here it is!

EVERYTHING I WORE TODAY by Kimberellie Miss Furnellie

This morning (being sans husband and "where is my tripod?") I had to do some single handed self portraits.

And then I got dressed for a play date with my sister-in-law (for my son. I don't go on play dates. I'm a grown up.)

This is that fantastic scarf I talked about the day before yesterday.

It was too cold for a skirt at the beach, so...

The baby swing is my son's FAVORITE.


And this evening, wet hair and my Audrey t (yes, that's miss hepburn gracing my chest).

And that's everything I wore today! Now time for macaroni and cheese!

outfit details:

coat, thrifted: $4
cardi, from winners: $5
black tank top, bluenotes: $5
scarf, cleo: a gift from my mom
shoes, naturalizer: $30
cowboy boots, brahama: $300 (not shown at the beach, but I wore them)
glasses, vera wang, via clearlycontacts.ca: $68
sweater, my husband's and MINE, thrifted: $1
cashmere wrap cardigan, via winners: $150
pink cotton panties with a guitar on them, la senza: $5 (not shown under pants, but I wore them)
socks, dickies: $2
first pair of pajamer pants: my husband's
pink audrey hepburn tank top: diy iron on
second pair, mine, joe fresh style: $11
starbucks: grandé earl grey latté half sweet

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. thanks for all the compliments/comments about my husband! I think he's pretty darn adorable myself! Also, I just had to show him them. So uh, yeah, he says: "Thanks. I know I'm hot." At least I'm sure he would say that if I asked.


  1. I love how you tied that beautiful scarf in a bow! you have got some mad style skills girl.

  2. you do go through a lot of outfits in a day! that was fun to see. i think the beach outfit is my favorite, although your diy audrey hepburn ensemble is a close second :)

  3. What a good idea. Though I don't know that mine would be quite so modest so I might just keep that to myself ;)

    Great bow on that scarf.

    Yay! You get to have macaroni & cheese again!

  4. those are a lot of outfits, I too really liked the way you tied the scarf into a bow. It's like you're a present! How cold is it over there? It was like 94F here today and it felt so so hot! I'm envious of the cold weather.

  5. I'll be the fourth to say: great tying of the scarf!

  6. Fun post!! Thanks for sharing! :D

  7. Do you ever have a rough day? You always look gorgeous. Love that way you've tied that scarf and the checked coat is stunning.

  8. Just ADORABLE ! I'm in love with your fabulous coat !

  9. I adore this post. It's so fun and such a great post. You son is adorable and I love the hat he is wearing.

  10. You're so cute! I love the scarf tied into a bow like that. You and your mom have great taste.

  11. What a great post idea! I may need to do this sometime--I tend to go through several outfits in a day myself, lol.
    The scarf is fantastical! :D and you are adorable ;)

  12. Hello, again!
    There's an award awaiting you on my blog! Come over and collect it.

  13. you have some great pieces! I love the knitwear- especially in the 1st picture! and the way you fastened the scarf looks fantastic! xx

  14. Thankyou for your lovely comment, It really made my day!

  15. That's my gauge for real beauty... seeing a person looking so fabulous even after just waking up. You are truly beautiful. Love this post too... very ingenious. xoxo


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