Thursday, May 6, 2010

my husband's top

So I have been long wanting to wear this shirt: my husband's shirt. I don't know why. But there must be something in the air. Because this idea popped into my head a few weeks ago. And I hadn't seen anyone else do it. But as it was swimming around in there wondering what bottoms to pair itself with, I saw two other bloggers go for it, the always fashionable Lisa from Hug-Sized and the brilliantly witty Alya from kookulai.

So yesterday when I picked up these gorgeous Zara floral cropped pants from The Salvation Army for $4.50 the aforementioned idea in my head said: "Yep. Those are the bottoms I was looking for." And uh, yeah, it hasn't been quite a month yet, but close enough!* I like the contrast of the menswear top with the very feminine floral pants. One day, when I wear them again I will have to get a pic of la derrière. Because, in these pants--fabulous.

Alright, enough about me. How about you? Excited for summer? Any big summer plans? My big summer plans all include camping and going to the beach (we live thisclose to the ocean. The city that is, unfortunately not the house).

outfit details:

cropped pants, zara, thrifted: $4.50
shirt: my husband's
shoes, thrifted vintage: $4
pin, thrifted, hallmark: $1
glasses, kate spade via $68
belt, winners: $3
Heart: Kimberellie

* yes, I'm bad.

a few more thoughts before I zip off to read your blogs:

1. I still have not forgotten about the lovely awards from the ever stylin' Vintage Vixen and the ethereal beauty Alecto of circle meets square.

I just have such a hard time choosing who to give them out to! I just adore all your blogs! At the same time, I really hate putting links into my blogs (yes, I'm that lazy). So I will get to it! But first I will procrastinate!

2. Don't forget to enter the Aldo Bag Giveaway (link at the top of my blog). It is slowly but surely filling with cool stuff!

3. I had something else to say. I swear I did.


  1. This is so cute! I love how you used your husbands shirt, and how it tones down those adorably bold pants!

  2. Fabulous styling... the men's shirt and the floral pants are great together.

    Summer plans? It's summer in the Philippines now so I am now in California for some well-deserved time away from the heat. xoxo

  3. I love it with those rockin' pants..and the cute belt totally makes it work :) The little pin on the shirt looks pretty darn cute too ;)

    No big summer plans here--but hoping to sneak off for a camping trip on the coast at some point...I'm gonna be DESPERATE to escape the heat!

  4. oh, and speaking of blog awards..I gave you the Fab 10 award awhile back ;)

    and I haven't forgotten the Sunshine award you gave me--thanks so much!

  5. Your butt looks really good and you didn't share with us?! Shame on you - as we all know, finding bottoms to make our bottoms fabulous is no mean feat. That it can be done for a mere $4.50 must be documented!

    Thank you for the link, also, and I think playing with boy's clothing is quite fun, for the record.

  6. Hi! :)

    Yes, you absolutely can - thanks for asking! Thanks for your comment, too.


  7. nobody would know that it's your husband shirt when you're wearing it. i'm loving your new poses. =)

    i'm crossing my fingers about your giveaway.

  8. this shirt looks great on you and love how you paired it with the feminine pants.
    I tried the same thing too with my boyfriend's shirt, but since it was way big I wore it as a shirt dress :)

    I would be extremely honored to be your "blog obsession of the moment"!!!

    thanks, you're the best!

  9. Oh, no you broke! You were my support buddy for not shopping! It's only been about a week for me, so I'm still going strong. Haven't had any urge to shop either, so that's completely unexpected. I just have to keep myself busy doing something else.

    You look lovely, of course. The shirt looks really cute and the belt really brings the outfit together (don't you just love belts?). I'm still very envious of those shoes.

  10. The shirt looks fab! I tried wearing mine's but he likes his clothes way too big. This looks awesome, I love how you cinched it in with that belt. And the pants!!! I own that almost exact print in a mandarin top form (??somehow that sentence doesn't look right) but yeah! I love it!

  11. heehee! that's so cute. :) ps: i love how your glasses match your shoes.

  12. You wear the shirt so well!

    I'm doing a giveaway at my blog! Check it out :)

  13. I love this outfit! So chic! Those pants are especially adorable! I am now following your blog :)


  14. no way those pants are immense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me them thanks. Franco xx


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