Thursday, May 27, 2010

sober clown

After looking at my outfit pics today I decided that I looked like a clown in clown rehab. You know, a clown who is giving up his clown-ness? At first I thought: "Clown on a bender". But then I realized it was really just the opposite. I looked more like a toned down clown than a hopped-up one. A twelve step clown, a "I don't want to be a clown anymore; but I just don't know how else to be" clown.

So I'm not going to show you photos. Instead I am going to show you a picture of my kitchen, a picture of my feet, and another picture of my baby with a friend of mine because it turned out so sweet.

Here they are:

Okay, saying I looked like a clown in rehab and not showing pics is just sort of mean. Though maybe "looked" isn't the right word. Perhaps I should say "felt". So uh, here I am feeling like a sober clown:

Yuck. Really. I am so not into this outfit. It was actually much simpler earlier in the day: no belt (where I think I really went wrong), shirt untucked, and no necklace. But as the day wore own I just kept wearing more stuff. You know how that is? -you wander around your home and just throw stuff on? At least I do that. This time I probably shouldn't have. Um... I promise to get off the clown wagon tomorrow.

outfit details:

blazer, from winners: $30
shoes, from a clothes swap: free
belt, a scarf, thrifted: $2
necklace: I made it
glasses, vera wang, via $68
jeans, energia: $100
shirt, thrifted: $3

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. I'm not to sure what kinda clown you're referring to cuz I think you look quite usual...

  2. Your clowns must be a heck of a lot more stylish than ours!
    Your toes match your kitchen walls! Please share more of your home, it looks amazing...

  3. Totally adorable shoes!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  4. Hehe, isn't it funny how we see ourselves? This is definitely not any kind of clown look to me.

    You're right, that picture of your friend and bub is super sweet :)

  5. I don't see a clown at all. I see a perfectly cut pair of pants (i kinda want them. like, a lot) and a gorgeoussss blouse. A fun belt that picks up the colors in that blouse nicely. And a perfectly neutral jacket that adds rich texture and tones down the bright colors. I. LOVE. IT.

    Your kitchen has me smitten:) those frames are just darling!

  6. I like your outfit, with clown thoughts on this end. Maybe you're just having one of "those" days.... Your kitchen looks pretty awesome, I love the colored picture frames. Funky!

  7. Whoops! That was supposed to say "with NO clown thoughts on this end."

  8. J'adore la photo avec le petit loulou! c'est tout mimi!

  9. Looking at just your toes does give a taste of clown, but together with the blouse they would be "fabulously you "
    Yea Snappy for your win.. Can't wait to see what you got.

  10. Wow, I love your kitchen! and that pic of your friend and son is adorable. Hey, I just saw that you're wearing $100 jeans? Those must be some pretty awesome jeans! I like your colorful feet :D and I don't really think your outfit is clownish, I think it looks pretty darn cute on you!

  11. I love this outfit! Definitely not getting any clown vibes here. But I do know what you mean about adding stuff to your outfit throughout the day - I do this regularly!

    And I seriously can't get over how cute your lil boy is! I think I want one of my own to play with... but only if he's as cute as yours! :D

  12. Oh Man! I was at least expecting a red nose or something! But seriously, Jeeze, I don't know what circuses you have been to, but you look like one hell of a stylish clown! and i LOVE your polish with those candy apple shoes! Candy apples. . .. circus, I guess there is a tiny connection but the very chicest! And hey, are those frogs in the top right shelf of your kitchen? Like a little chubby blue family??? I freaking love frogs! These look so interesting and cute! also cute baby and friend! Just so much good cuteness.

    One more thing, You have been so thoughtful and nice and attentive and supportive and just amazing to me. I wish so badly we lived closer. I am such a better friend in person than I am on the stinking computer. I just want you to know that I appreciate your words so much. The comment you left on the IFB spotlight thingy was beyond amazing and sweet. and everything you have done since. Thank you so much K.

  13. Well, I think you look adorable and fabulous!

  14. You don't look like a clown! Your baby is adorable!

  15. Your clown rehab idea made me laugh, even if I don't see it. I do understand getting dressed, feeling fine, then looking at my pics later and saying "what was I thinking??"

  16. I don't mind this outfit at all. I kind of like the painterly top with the chocolate brown blazer.

  17. that velvet blazer and jeans are my favorite. :) i love your kitchen and the colors of your toes and shoes! :D they're so bright and lovely! and the outfit your friend is wearing is cute as well. :)

  18. your kitchen looks sooo sweet.. i love that the shelf has no doors... and the red of your shoes looks super cute with your nail polish!


  19. gosh, there i am on your blog! i somehow missed seeing this post til now. and kim, your outfit was lovely in person as well as on film - or, er, digital image - no twelve step clown programs for you!


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