Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a heart shaped stain

There's an upside down heart shaped stain on my dress. I figure God is telling me he loves me via my dirty laundry. Sort of like the Virgin Mary on toast. Only on my dress. Perhaps it's even a butter stain from toast. That would tie in nicely if it was.

I've actually changed since this pic was taken. I don't really feel like walking around with a stain on my dress (divine or otherwise). I actually photo shopped the heart OUT. But it came back. Actually, I must have just uploaded the wrong pic. That would be a miracle (or a computer glitch) if it really did come back. Speaking of miracles, here's a good one:

So as many of you know, we went to the ER on Thursday because my son and I took a tumble while going down the stairs (well, I fell while holding my son, he didn't fall, I just held him while I fell). Anyway, I must have held him too hard because he SCREAMED. Uh, yes, I felt like a bad mommy.

As it is, we went to the hospital, had x-rays (which fyi: he DOES NOT LIKE AT ALL) and went home. You see, they couldn't see anything wrong with his leg on the x-rays. So we were told to come back Monday if he still wasn't putting weight on it. So Monday came and still out little button was not standing. Though he was crawling and kneeling and getting about.

And again, the dreaded x-ray. This time a fracture was clearly visible. But because Soren has been crawling and kneeling, the doctor decided he would not put a cast on (even though it is what they are supposed to do in this case). The doctor thinks that it should be healed in two weeks.

As we were driving home I thought angrily: "Why didn't they just figure this out the first time?" (a total of six hours in the ER with a baby is not "happy fun time"). And then I came to this realization: had they seen the fracture the first time, my son would most certainly be in a cast from his hip to his toes (what the doctor said was the standard of care in this circumstance).

Because they didn't see the fracture on the first x-ray we were able to know that our son could crawl around, kneel, and well, do everything except stand. We didn't know this on Thursday as we took him straight to the ER.

Had the x-ray showed the fracture then they would have put him in a cast. Then he wouldn't have been able to move at all, would have been miserable the whole time they put it on, and well, we both would have been miserable the two or three weeks he had it on.

On the way to the hospital the first time my husband and I prayed that the doctor's would be able to figure out what was wrong and fix it. Now I thank God they didn't.

I wonder how many times in our lives when things "mess up" -we are late, we lose something, we don't get "the job" and we are angry - that we shouldn't be. I wonder how many times these "mess ups" are blessings. I always tell myself this when I am late. Maybe had I been earlier, that accident ahead of me (which is making me even later) would have included me.

I more often think the other way around: "If only I wasn't already late I would have missed the accident and been on time."

I am so often not a grateful person. But I want to be a grateful person. And things like this make me think A LOT of my life may be like this, bad things that are good. I'm just such a complainer that I don't always see it (trust me, I'm a complainer).

So yeah. Those are my thoughts. My baby is not in a cast. Thank God.

outfit details:

dress, gap: $23
tights, joe fresh style: $8
shoes, thrifted: $4
bow, a scarf: $7
glasses, kate spade via clearlycontacts.ca: $68
bangle, so old I haven't a clue
watch, buffalo: $70
bracelet, tiffany & co.:gift

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Hooray for no cast!

    Also, I love the green tights and those shoes.

  2. WOW- this was so much food for thought. I'm going to keep all this in mind...it's a really good mentality to hold on to. Messes are blessings in disguise?

    I like it.

  3. I'm sorry about your accident, so upsetting, and I'm glad he didn't end up in a cast. Poor kid. Poor mom!

    So funny about your stain being a message from God. I laughed hard at that!

  4. I love those tights and how well the match the color of the bow! And thank you for your comment. I am glad I am not the only one thinking about such silly thinks like social relationships. It's tough, but I need to start focusing on what kind of friend I am being as well, so thank you for reminding me!! xoxo

  5. Awww, poor you, poor husband, poor baby.
    Sorry to hear about your fall, must have been terrifying. Just so glad everything's turned out fine.
    Beautiful outfit, groovy tights and a cheeky grin, perfecto!

  6. I love those green tights, so cute! Glad your baby is not in a cast too!

  7. I love your outfit and am BEYOND jealous of your green tights! They are perfect :D.

    Also, yay that you're both alright!

  8. oh goodness. i am so thankful that you both are ok. my mama fell down the stairs when my brother was 2 years old except that she broke her leg instead of my brother :-( i think i had palpitations as i was reading this story. i'm so glad it had a happy ending...

  9. Hey, so looks like I was wrong about his leg being broken. That's what I get for offering unsolicited opinions. Sorry, 'bout that. But I stand by the fact that kids do heal quick, so I am glad he isn't in a cast, and am sure that he will be motoring along again soon.

    Also, I love that outfit. Very sweet.

  10. Aw, that sounds like such an un-fun ordeal, but I'm glad your son isn't in a cast!

  11. Well I'm glad your baby is doing well considering the circumstances, though ER visits are probably the worst thing is the world. I say this as a non-parent but can only imagine how terrible it must be when you're there for your child.

    On a fashion related note: The color of your tights. Very unique but somehow still a neutral. Me like.


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