Saturday, May 22, 2010

and tomorrow is another Saturday

I really do wish everyday could be Saturday. Well, actually, because it is May long weekend here in Canada, tomorrow IS another Saturday (for all intents and purposes*). Only there is church. But that's okay. In fact, that's even better. Because we go to a really super cool church. It's only completely awesome. Here's an example of some of the totally cool music we get to listen to every Sunday: A cover of Stop and Stare by One Republic.

Yep. It's pretty awesome. If you're really interested you can listen to the messages online here. And uh, yeah, this is a total shout out to The Meeting Place. Because seriously, it rocks. I haven't fallen asleep in church once while going there.

outfit details:

dress, thrifted joe fresh style: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
jacket, thrifted vintage: $4
knee socks, from winners: $3
bracelet, tiffany and co.: a gift from my husband
glasses, kate spade via $68
vest, thrifted: $3
headband, scarf, thrifted: $2

Heart: Kimberellie

* For the longest time I thought the saying was "for all intensive purposes". It isn't. I also thought ethereal was pronounced: ether real. It isn't. I also used to think that we lived INSIDE the world. We don't. You see, I knew it was round and figured that if we lived on the outside we'd fall off. So really, what other explanation was there? btw, this is just the tip of the ice burg of "stupid things I used to think". One day soon I think I will have to do a post about all of them.

And I am just going to leave you with one pic of my husband and son. I thought it turned out really cool. And if you are wondering what they are so fascinated with, it was a swarm of gnats. Yes. Gnats. That's what I get for having a boy: bugs.


  1. you look beautiful as always. I also wish everyday is Saturday. It's my favorite day.

    the pic of your boys is too cute.

  2. Oooh a dress with knee high socks. I LOVE a dress with knee high socks!

  3. Your little boy is so cute!

    And those socks and your heels are ridiculously cute!!!

  4. Yep.. that's a very cool look. The heels and socks rock! :D

  5. I adore the classic shape of that dress!
    Have a happy holiday's next weekend for us so it'll probably rain..

  6. i love that dress! and the cool spot you picked for your pictures. isn't it so funny the words that we misspell or mispronounce? anyway, precious pic of your husband and son :)

  7. ha ha, I always thought it was "for all intensive purposes" too! Funny.
    Also, I love this dress (well really the whole outfit).
    Happy Long Weekend.

  8. Très très jolie ! J'adore la robe et les chaussettes !

    Et bravo pour le français !!!

  9. Such a cute the vest! And of course your hubby and son are super cute!!

  10. wahou i'm in love with all your outfit i just discover your blog and i love your look so much great great!!!
    I follow

  11. i love the vest addition and that coat. :) lovely outfit! and your family looks so hip as well :)

    thank you for visiting and following my blog! i'm so excited! and i will definitely be following you as well! :)

    g'bless ya,
    erin :)

  12. I'm very enamored with the vest and how you've styled it with a straight dress rather than belting it or using a cardigan. I may have to steal that this week!! And I just adore the knee socks, especially with the plaid jacket. I just love your style, I don't think I tell you enough :)

    transmission me

  13. I LOVe your knee socks! I wish I hate a cute printed pair to rock with lace-ups like you did!

  14. this is such a pretty dress & your vest looks so cute with it.

  15. Re your comment on my blog, if you're going to get that Free People blazer, check Piperlime - it's on sale there!

  16. really REALLY like this outfit! and the coat--fab! :D

  17. Your dress is so classic!! You look gorgeous!

    I think it's amazing that you want to write and plan on pursuing it. To be honest, it has been my dream forever to write. To write ANYTHING! It's always just been something that came easy to me and is FUN for me. I love it. I could spend day after day hour after hour writing. But pursuing it is such a risk, you know? The chances of success are very slim, so it's scary. Haha. My parents definitely aren't too happy about it all.

    Well, your hubby and son are adorable as usual!!


  18. I've in love with your coat! It is so cute and I am totally envious that you can wear it at this time of year!

  19. I love when people think phrases are different things! It's a form of entertainment to me. My husband spoke English as a second language and "intensive purposes" was a constant mistake that he never, ever STOPPED making despite my correction.

    PS. Yes, I left you a drunken message on your blog shop. I apologize. No more trying to catch up on blogs after bar hopping.

  20. i can't wait for the things i used to think post, hehe :)

    i love this look... i have a soft spot for school grrl looks, although this is perfectly subtle with the muted colors :) and you perfectly mixed your prints again with the check and swirls :) you look amazing!


  21. I am in LOVE with this ModCloth-esq look. I could never pull this off like you, especially the sweet detail of knee-highs. Work work work gurl. (:



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