Thursday, May 13, 2010


I took these pics. Yes I did. So, uh, yeah, that's me behind the lens, in a manner of speaking. It's also me in front of the lens (I know. I'm clever). I'm sort of sillilly proud of myself even though I couldn't keep all of me in the frame in a lot of the pics. Actually I really like how the pics turned out (albeit some of them are sort of bizarre). It was really fun to experiment with taking my own photo. I will have to try it again.

I'm wearing my husband's shirt (I am actually the first to wear it. So maybe it's my shirt..?). What makes it is super cool is it requires cuff links; but I'm not using any. So the cuffs are just huge. I tried it tucked in and not tucked in. I think I like it both ways. But I really enjoyed wearing it not tucked in. Just felt so great to wear this. This was actually the THIRD outfit I wore today. Each previous outfit annoyed me. I didn't feel very "me" in them.

Sadly no pics, so:

First: maxi dress, floral scarf, white cardi. I grumpily stared at Kimberellie in the Mirror and decided I looked like a school marm, before I changed into:

a black tank top and black capris. But I just felt too plain and I don't know, "sporty?" (HATE sporty). Also, it was WAY too hot to wear all black. Lastly I changed into what you see me wearing here.

The funny thing is, I went to a play group in the first outfit, and to the park in the second. And then I went out again (to Starbucks perhaps? you ask. Starbucks twice in one day? and Tim Horton's once? Unconscionable. I can't believe you would even think that of me.*) So it is possible that random strangers, very likely Starbucks employees, saw me in three different outfits today. I'd like to say this sort of thing is an uncommon occurrence. But it isn't. The way I figure it, you've only got so much time to live (or be dressed before you put your jammers on) so you might as well make the most of it. And the first two outfits just didn't feel like "me". And I am me. So I like to feel like me. And that's that.

outfit details:

shorts, vintage thrifted BCBG: $1
mens button up, thrifted dior: $4.50 (REALLY!)
sandals (which were worn with all three outfits, btw): $10
bracelet, "please return to tiffany and co.": gift
glasses, kate spade, via $68

Heart: Kimberellie

*whether it is true or not is another matter

This outfit was my (only, unfortunately) contribution to Dress Your Best. The point of Dress your Best is to emphasize with dressing parts of your body you love, instead of the traditional "hiding" of certain parts of your body you don't like. So I guess today it was all about the legs. I wish I had caught wind of this before it was almost over! But oh well, it's still a great thing!


  1. You did a GREAT job of your own pictures! My favourites are often the ones that aren't lined up perfectly. Case in point the one yesterday with my head cut off. There is actually a cool website full of found photographs with a whole section dedicated to ones with the heads cut off. Now if only I could remember what it was called...

  2. Wow, what a pretty location!
    Love the photos, very natural and fun.

    x x

  3. love the pictures! and what a pretty setting to. i think you should steal that shirt, you look pretty great in it.

  4. I wish I could take good "self" pictures like that...I really need a tri-pod...I'm guessing you used one...other wise you are incredibly talented!! How in the world do you find such fabulous thrifts!?! Our thrift stores rarely have depressing!!!

  5. Oh you did an awesome job with the pics! I love taking my own pics--I feel more free to experiment because I don't feel embarrassed that I'm acting like an idiot in front of the person taking my shots--it's just me and the tripod :) AND I don't have to feel like I'm bugging someone to take 'please just one more?' lol

    Great natural arty shots, and gorgeous backdrop! I have a tendency to change a few times during the day too ;D and hey, I like your philosophy!

  6. i love this look... and i love the photos... the angles are really good! and the sky is beautiful!

    and i love your sandals... i want something similar.. maybe black or brown leather... but i keep telling myself no new sandals this summer.. i still have sandals from the last two summers that are still great :) hehe


  7. OMG, I love your sandals! Where did you get them?


  8. LOVE this outfit, especially your shoes. Girlie, I wish I had your glasses, they're super awesome.

    Have a brilliant weekend xoxo

  9. Those shorts are so perfect! I need a pair like those!

  10. you look beautiful in these pictures- LOVE the neutral scheme and your hair is gorgeous!

  11. oh man i have those days sometimes. then i just give up and sit down til i figure it out. i think oversized men's button ups have to be my favorite article of clothing to lounge around in. is it odd that i also have a shirt that requires cuff links AND that i have a pair of cuff links? also, i apparently am unable to read today because i read "Dress your best" as "Dress your bReASt". siiiigh.

  12. Great self portraits! I love the cuffs on that shirt too!


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