Sunday, May 2, 2010

no more shopping for you Kimberellie!

This weekend my mother got me a flippin' fantastic silk scarf. You will all be seeing it tomorrow. It is so completely awesome. And I am very pleased that she bought it for me; because I can't buy anything. Well, I can. But I won't. You see, I'm on a self-imposed spending freeze when it comes to clothes for one month (actually three weeks, because, hey, crazy, I've already "made it" a week!).

Here's my logic: I have too many clothes (gasp.I.did.not.just.say.that). Perhaps I should say, I am finding it ridiculous to buy more clothes when the clothes I already have are totally disorganized; and I can never find anything. So the deal is: no clothes for a month or until I get my clothes organized: whichever comes first. So, uh, yeah, a month.

The amusing thing is, from reading all your blogs I have noticed that I am not the only one currently doing this! Oh, we crazy fashion bloggers. It is hard not to go clothes shopping crazy, isn't it? I'm actually pretty curious to see how everyone else does, most notably Maria from Texas Love, Life and Fashion (and I thought I shopped a lot). ;-)

But isn't that the nice thing about being a part of this fashion blogging community? We need no longer feel alone with our vice ( *ahem* virtue..?). And also, when our significant others complain we can simply say: "Hey, look here, ALL women are like this" and point them towards, well, each other.

outfit details:

linen shorts, local shop: $15
tank, bluenotes: $5
tights: from a friend
shoes, thrifted: $4
sweater, romeo and juliette: $5
glasses, vera wang from $68
starbucks: earl grey tea with cream and sugar

Heart: Kimberellie

Also, if you comment, I would be so curious for you to tell whether or not you have ever in your life been on a self (or maybe other?) imposed shopping ban. Do tell!


  1. Oh, yes, shopping is a huge problem. It replaced my drug addiction and is a nice compliment to my drinking binges. And it IS comforting to know over spending on needless clothing is a common vice among women. Unfortunately they had to throw me into rehab against my will in the past so my lack of will power means no self-imposed spending freeze, though I really should do it. But...I won't. Maybe more realistically I should limit myself to thrifting? That, perhaps, could be done.

  2. I know what you mean... shopping can be a problem. Every time I see something I like in the stores, I check my closet first to see if I already have something similar and the good thing is I've accumulated a lot of items in my closet that shopping my closet is so much fun now. Have a great week ahead! xoxo

  3. I sort of have a thrifting addiction myself. I visited thrift stores at least once a week, and, well, that little habit wreaked havoc on my allowance, not to mention my closet.

    Now, before I buy something, I ask myself if that certain piece of clothing goes with at least three things I already own...

    Good luck on your spending freeze. :)

  4. I did a shopping ban in April, and it was a great thing (although boring) because it gave me a chance to clear my head and think about what I'm buying and why.

  5. lol, oh, no I can't believe I shop more than you. I was pretty impressed that time you came home with like 30 items. I've been on a ban before and for much longer because I went to a college in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to shop. But now that I'm back in a city I'm finding it very difficult to stay away from the sales. This is going to be a real challege, but I am determined. We can do it!

  6. Lately I've been trying to limit my thrift store shopping to once every two weeks, and I have a donate pile, so that kind of helps with the circulating. But I still feel like I'm buying new bundles of plastic hangers way to often :)

    It is interesting that you brought this up, because lately, I've been thinking about how much is too much. There are bloggers out there, like Kansas Couture, who don't seem to have too many clothes, but she styles her pieces so differently each time that it seems like her closet is endless. I'm trying to get to that point, but also would be interested to know how much people think is too much. Is it when things don't fit in your closet anymore? When you run out of hangers? When you become overwhelmed with laundry? I'm thinking of counting the pieces in my closet and trying to get people to do the same. I'd love to compare with you if you'd like!

    Have a great week!

    transmission me

  7. not you too!! man, all these people on shopping bans are making me feel like i should do it too. i really should, but i'm certain i'd get the shakes. keep us posted on how it goes!

  8. I did try once... I managed a weekend!! Shoes are my weak spot.

    I love the coffee comment! Great look! :D

    Oh and thanks for the sock thoughts on my blog, you raised a good point about them being over the top and that being good thing!, good thinking! :D

  9. I am currently on a necessary shopping ban with no foreseeable end for the lack of moolah! *sigh*

  10. love this... cute and simple.... i especially love the starbucks cup... haha!

    of course you could use my how to!

    and yes, i am on the same page... spring cleaning, which mostly consists of my closet that has spilled into my whole bedroom! i will be redoing my blogshop and filling it with all kinds of stuff :D although i wouldn't exactly say i'm on a spending freeze, haha!


  11. I love your outfits...I am following.. :)

  12. Wow! I love your shorts. You look so beautiful, as always.

    I love to thrift shop, but also try to keep my wardrobe organized. We have lots of furniture, and books and stuff and not much space, so everything is usually folded and put away. Although I like having a very full, diverse closet, I have a hard time dealing with clutter and a lot of mess in our room. I also weed my closet several times a year and give away things that I haven't worn in ages. But at the same time, I'm a dress collector and have a hard time passing up the gems I find in thrift stores.

    Where was I going with this....oh Yeah! I usually put myself on a temporary buying ban when I occasionally realize that I'm bringing home stuff that I'm not crazy about. Sometimes its easy to convince yourself that the 'best' amongst the stuff at the thrift store is something you really want. So now I just keep in mind a) what I have at home and b) what I will actually wear and love.

  13. the closest mall is off of a very busy highway so i never go. there is a thrift store down the street from me but it's juuuust conveniently far enough that i don't want to walk. and any off-site department stores (target, marshalls, tj maxx) are far enough away that i can't convince myself to drive anywhere. so therefore most of my shopping is spotted here and there- mostly online. and even then restricted to vintage ($$$) or essentials ($). i put bans on myself per month (only two purchases) and the rest of my money (not much) just kinda sits there til the bills eat it.

    i also put myself on bans if i feel like i'm being too "caught up" in trends, etc. it gives me a chance to reset. that, if anything, helps the most.

    since i subscribed to you, you get a blogger award! i love your sweet, witty prose and that you love art as much as i do. the award is on my blog if you want to nab it :-)

  14. Love your red lipstick! I just got a new shade today of red today.
    In march I did a half one as I spent a ton of money and clothes and needed to recuperate.

  15. What a chic casual look! I always have a hard time doing casual, but you do it so well!

  16. I love your outfit! I've always been afraid to wear linen shorts, which is probably a ridiculous thing to be afraid of, but I love yours!


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