Thursday, May 20, 2010

i'm cooler than you are nanananbooboo

Nobody likes my glasses. I thought I should tell you all. Because you all like them. Which obviously means you have excellent taste (I can always tell excellent taste because it is the same as mine).

And by nobody, I mean nobody in real life. This is how I can tell: no one says anything. Yes, the absence of praise does mean the presence of dislike. Well, at least with new haircuts, glasses, and so forth, it does. Well, one friend said she liked them. But then she has spent a lot of time in big cities like NY and Vancouver and is more aware of trends. Not that they are especially trendy glasses, I don't think. To me they are sort of timeless. But uh, I digress.

Now what was I saying again? Right, they don't like them. My brother told me I looked like Bubbles' sister (a character off a very popular TV show here in Canada: Trailer Park Boys. Is it popular in the US?). That, by the way, was NOT a compliment.

But I really don't mind. Because I like them. And for the record: my sister-in-law likes them. My husband likes them. And well, you all like them. So really, everyone whose opinion counts (when it comes to fashion and the like) likes them. And also I know that everyone who doesn't like them now will like them in two years when my city catches up with the rest of the world. And because of this I can walk around feeling smugly superior in the meantime knowing that I am THAT much cooler than they are. But seriously (well, I'm not serious about the smugly superior bit*) it took two years for skinny jeans to catch on here.

I remember wearing them to work and having all the other girls (younger than me, btw) aghast and horrified that I would wear skinny jeans. Fast forward two years and they were all wearing them. There is a real lag in fashion in this town (though it is getting better among younger people I have noticed, probably due to the internet). Oh, right I should add: my mother likes them. And that counts for at least double points, doesn't it?

Succinctly put: I know I'm cool. I don't need anyone to tell me.

outfit details:

skirt, thrifted gap: $3
shirt, thrifted: $2
scarf, anne klein thrifted: $2
stockings, from a friend
cardigan, from a friend was her mother-in-law's
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, kate spade, via $68

Heart: Kimberellie

*I'm just joking. I really do feel smugly superior.


  1. Gorgeous the color look amazing!

  2. Oh! Those tights with that skirt = fantastic!

    Honey I hear ya. That's what's so wonderful about this little blogging community. All us maligned fashion gurus that are aeons ahead of our little towns can get together in one giant mutual admiration club.

    I like our club ;)

  3. What a fab outfit!! I love that skirt.

    My town is like that, wore a jumpsuit out a couple of summers ago, got some "up and down" stares from girls and some whispers....then noticed one of girls out the other a jumpsuit.
    I felt smug, and a little bit smugger, as she looked rubbish in it. :)

    I love your glasses.

    X x

  4. hahahah!!! I love this!! I totally relate! Is it sad that a town less then 4 hours from NYC didn't get into skinny jeans up until a few years ago?? Oy.
    I really do love your glasses. It's hot librarian material all the way!=)

  5. fools, fools all of them! your glasses are adorable and so are you :)

  6. Very cute outfit, and especially those glasses :)

    Just stumbled by your page
    & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure. <3

  7. i love the mixing of patterns - very cool!

  8. Ah, the smug feeling of superiority. One of the most satisfying emotions out there. And when anything you're doing now finally catches on up there - you can wave your hand dismissively since you'll be on to the next one...somebody bring Kimberellie back some money, please. (Has Jay Z made it up there yet? jk lol other three letter abbreviations.)

  9. Yes, you are cool! Who wants to look the herd of same-y loosers anyway?
    Thanks for your lovely kind comment.

  10. Well i love the glasses! they really suit you.
    Also, love the colour of your tights here!

  11. you always make me laugh :) and that my grrl, is a good thing :)

    i like your glasses. but you know what... i realized that even the people that count (i guess i'm talking about my bf) don't always like it... and normally it is when one (me) steps out of their norm... my point.. i have no idea... but i like quirkyness and sometimes that doesn't work for everyone, but who cares!!!

    and i'd be honored to be your blog obsession of the moment :)

    ohhh, and you are a master at mixing prints, i love it!


    ps it must be kinda cool to always be ahead of the trends in your little town??


    Don't lump me with frumpy Nanaimo!

    I know for a fact I had skinnies in grade ten, which was...five years ago now? Crazy...def. got some looks about them (but in that highschool "omg r u punk now?!" kind of way)

    One day, our town will catch up. One day.

  13. Yes, you are so much more fashion forward than everyone around you! and in a couple of years you can remind them how ahead of the times you were with your glasses...just as you should remind the girls with the skinny jeans, lol. I think you look awesome in your glasses--they suit you very well! and YES, the people whose opinions count think they ROCK! :D

    oh, I emailed your hubby but didn't have a lot of help to offer regarding paypal....but he is welcome to ask me any questions that may come up and I will attempt to help ;) If not, money orders are perfectly acceptable :D Your pixie (YOU) is waiting anxiously to grace your lovely neck! ;)

  14. Love the look and the glasses. Such a clever of mixing patterns.
    Oh, can you please email me the link to that gadget that allows you to pick a random winner from your followers for giveaways. I couldn't find it. Thank you.
    Daphne (

  15. I love this outfit! The different pattern combinations are gorgeous, and yay at the colour combo!

  16. That sounds just like something my brother would say.. I think your glasses are adorable!! And the outfit is fab, I just love the skirt with purple tights. Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. I have to tell you, after I first read this post today, I kept calling Amelia 'nanaboo' and other variations, haha :D

  18. Glasses can be so hard to choose, especially when you cannot see yourself because you are half blind. They look terrific with that outfit, alovely mix of colors and prints.

  19. love the prints and the colors of your skirt so gorgeous !! and your shoes are great!

  20. I also love the glasses, I don't think I've mentioned that before ans wanted to clarify, in case you thought I was thinking otherwise...
    This also, may be one of my most favorite outfits, I adore the way you mixed the prints.


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