Friday, May 21, 2010

if only Will Waterhouse dug me

Today I was completely and one hundred percent inspired by Constance-Victoria. I was still lounging in my pjs when I went to her blog. And so yeah, I basically copied her outfit. It's okay to do this, right? Only she did it so much better than I did! And well, I admit, it wasn't a total copy. Because seeing her in cut offs and black tights reminded me that the reason I cut my jeans off in the first place was because I was dying to wear them with black tights.

And I had forgotten. Really. So her pics reminded me. Also, I think she looks like the dark haired female model that John William Waterhouse often painted. See what I mean?:

paintings from

I must admit, I've always wanted to look like a "Waterhouse Girl". But alas, it will remain only a dream. Because I'm afraid I just don't. And I just can't seem to conjure up the narcissism and self-deception to think otherwise. Oh well. There are other things to aspire to. Another bowl of Cheerios for one.

outfit details:

shorts, blue notes, I cut 'em off: $10
shirt, winners: $3
shirt underneath shirt: I really don't recall
tights, from a friend
cardigan, winners: $5
pin, thrifted: $1
necklace, namaste: $17
shoes, vintage thrifted: $3
glasses, vera wang, via $68

Heart: Kimberellie

--oh, and just to clarify: I'm not saying I'm not "cute enough" to be a Waterhouse Girl. Certainly I am not so humble as that. I'm just saying I don't look like the women he painted (one of which was his wife if I am remember correctly). I guess I'm just not Will Waterhouse's type. But I do love his paintings. Aren't they just absolutely divine?


  1. Hmm... looks like he dug women who wandered around outside looking languid and touching their hair. You can do that!

    And your outfit is cool. I never would have thought of jean cut-offs with black tights, but on you it looks good.

  2. Cute cut-offs! I've totally got inspired by other blogger posts too.

  3. Cute outfit and yay Waterhouse!! :D

  4. Love the cut-offs with the tights! And cool top too :)

  5. so darling! :) ps: those peeptoes are my favorite! :)

  6. Hahaha! You are so worthy to be painted... okay, not by Waterhouse if you think that you are not his type. But your features are so distinct that I know any artist would want to paint you.

    Love the tights and shorts ensemble... have a great weekend K. xoxo

  7. nice top;)

  8. you have great great legs! waterhouse doesn't appreciate those because he seems to prefer long dresses :D

  9. Ohhhhhhhh I just love those paintings! I've posted two of those very paintings in various places as profile pics and 'pictures that inspire me' at times. I have the blue one decorating my myspace page I believe at this moment, although I rarely visit myspace these days. (it is fun to decorate a ms page tho..but everyone's moved over to fb..but that's beside the point). I think you look adorabe, and yeah, I just love those paintings. I have a similar type of dress that I wear to Ren faire's and on halloween.

  10. I used to have 'The Lady of Shallott' on my wall. I need to get it again...I guess the poster got messed up. Love that Waterhouse paintings

    oh oh, someone told me one of my pix in 'A Field Day' reminded them of a painting by've inspired me to now go look up what she was talking about :)

  11. I love that third picture. The cardigan looks so fuzzy and cosy and the off-black singlet with the interestingly placed sequinned pocket against it just looks great. I really like this outfit a whole lot.

  12. Aww Im so flattered that you think I look like the girl in the painting!! It is so beautiful. And also, very flattered you took inspiration from my outfit!
    Reading this has made my day :)

  13. This is one of my favorites Kimberellie! I love the muted color palette, I love the proportions, and I love the funky little touches that make it you!

  14. divine indeed! and you are most lovely, you remind me more of the fun women of the 20s :)


  15. oh, sweet lady, you are too kind. i used to have a waterhouse painting book and wished i could meander into the lands he painted...i could never not be happy. and i do believe you could be a waterhouse woman without a doubt...


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