Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hey baby!

What a lovely day.

Wait a minute. There's a baby in the picture.

Oh, hello baby. What shall I do with you?

I know.

outfit details:

shirt, winners: $2
skirt, thrifted: $3
gold vest, diy, was a vintage shirt, I also made a necklace out of it: $1
shoes, taryn rose via winners: $2
glasse, kate spade via $68
chariot belt (yes, that is a little chariot on the belt), thrifted: $1
yellow bracelet, my son stole it from v.v, I owe them a dollar


Originally it was a gold vintage shirt with long sleeves and a bow at the neck (gosh, I wish I had taken a pic). Oh well. Now it is a vest:

And a necklace:


  1. you are so adorable!! i love your posts because they just seem to be exactly you. i bet you're super fun to be around :) anyway, you look great! i love that skirt. and your son is precious!

  2. I love how you made that vest!!
    You liitle Boy is so stylish just like his mom!

  3. as lovely as your outfit is, I cannot take my eyes of your son. he is super adorable :)

  4. What a great use of a shirt that's not quite right!

    I love all these colours today.

  5. That outfit is so sunny and spring-like. The skirt reminds me of a vintage housewife pinny from the 1950's.
    I'm afraid that your beautiful boy steals the show...he's such a sweetheart in that flat cap, like a like Cockney Fella!

  6. you look so pleasant and happy! we love it

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it. xx

  7. Love the little cap on your son! My son Doran has a similar cap and I love it when he wears it :) Hey, Doran--Soren--kinda similar names, eh? You look gorgeous by the way; I really like all the creative things you did with the gold shirt--really cool!

  8. That's a cute DIY... a vest and a necklace, you are awesome. I love the skirt too. Everything is so pretty. Of course the baby accessory is the best. xoxo

  9. Stunning outfit! Looks fabulous!

  10. That outfit is SO cute! I especially love the skirt.

  11. wow lovely outfit nice shorts looks soo cute i love your dress

    wonderful kid he is soo cute

  12. Hey pretty girl! You look sooo good. Do you model at all? And the baby?... adorable!

  13. Great outfit, I'm such a fan of your diy! I just love those little strappy sandals, so cute. And your little boy is all dressed up, so handsome :)

  14. That skirt is really cute! And AWWW baby!!

  15. That vest/slash necklace looks amazing and I love your son's hat too, so cute!

  16. I love the vest. And the color scheme of this skirt. And how terribly cute you dress your son.


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