Tuesday, May 18, 2010

no suitable title could be thought up , so use your imagination

This is what I wore to the pool the other day. It was the same day I had the green skirt disaster. Also, I got a new bathing suit. Yes, yes I did. It's almost a neon teal and has a leopard print. It is a one piece, I admit, but a very stylish and dare I say...sexy? one piece (please don't read my blog male relatives).

Um, yes... What was I saying? Right, sexy. It is. And seriously, there are a few people I very much hope DON'T read my blog. But don't worry, not you. I'm glad you read it.

I may even one day post some pics of myself in my bathing suit. I'd like to say I won't ever. But as evidenced by my last post, I have no shame. So in all likelihood you will one day see my bathing suit clad bottom grace this blog. Try not to be too impatient.

Oh, and I am quite relieved/happy/surprised to find out I am not the only one who wears ruffle bum undies. Good for us ladies. Because it's a step in the "right" (ie. feminist?) direction to clad our hinnies any way we please, isn't it?

outfit details:

shirt, oakley, winners:
shorts, cut offs, originally bluenotes: $10
shoes, thrifted: $4
sunnies, juicy couture via winners: $150
undies, regular bum (as opposed to ruffle) la senza: $5

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. hmmm...how about "Shady Lady" or "Who wears short shorts?" both meant in the best way possible...since your shades are fab..and your mile long legs are as well!!

  2. Can't wait to see you wearing your bathing suit... go girl! You've got the legs and the body! Woot woot!!!

  3. man, i need to get a bathing suit i love and feel sexy in. i am always so self-conscious in them. ugh. i hate bathing suits! but yours sounds lovely :) and i love that top and the shoes. so sorry about your pretty undies showing. at least they were pretty though, right? and your top and shoes look great with the cut-offs.

  4. The sun shining on your toes there looks so nice and warm!

  5. Fab cutoffs! I'm still perfecting using scissors. You have the best legs girl!!!

  6. You look awesome! Yay on the new bathing suit--it's so nice to find one you feel good in :D

  7. I am so excited for bathing suit weather...I LOVE my bathing suit!

  8. I love your shorts! Short shorts are the perfect summer wear :D.

    And yay bathing suit! I need a new one too, good ones are so hard to find!

  9. lol I love my rufflebums, you are not alone! Mine are bright green :D I love your shorty shorts! And ohhh I want the sun back. Fittingly to my mood, have not seen sun here since I've been back from MI :(

  10. You look so casual chic! And more power to you to show off your swimsuit! It will be a while (several years of therapy, finding the perfect faux tanner, etc.) before you see me strut my stuff in a swimsuit on the blog. I don't even go to public pools!

  11. As my mum always says "Its not what you wear, but how you wear it!" And you always look bloody good, so bring on the bathing suit!


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