Friday, May 7, 2010

my poor baby boy

photo credit: Sherri McLeod

My son and I fell down the stairs yesterday. Well, I fell down the stairs while holding him. I don't know how he got hurt because I held onto him the entire time so he sort of just went with me (I fell backwards onto the stairs, not so much down the stairs, more so I fell while walking down the stairs). So he didn't really fall. I fell. But I, of course, held onto him the entire time.

Anyway, still, I don't know what happened. I was busy falling and holding on to him, so I didn't see HOW he got hurt. But he did. He was crying (he never cries). So I called my husband and he came home and took us to the ER. Long story short, he may or may not have a broken leg. They took an x-ray; but it didn't show anything. Yet he won't put any weight on the leg (the dr. said often x-rays don't necessarily show a break in babies).

But today he has crawled around a bit. He tried to stand too. But his leg wouldn't hold him and he cried and I rescued him and read him stories. I sort of feel like a bad mommy. I don't know how I fell. I know I slipped. But I don't know how I slipped. The stairs aren't slippery. And in case you are wondering, I wasn't wearing heels (thank goodness, or I would totally blame myself).

Anyway, we are praying that he heals fast. The dr. said that babies heal really fast and he might even be okay by Monday. He has sort of a tensor bandage thing on his leg right now. My poor baby.

He was such a trooper in the hospital. He would cry terribly, but then I would carry him around a bit and he would calm down. So he didn't cry the whole time. But it was on and off. So all the people around us cast us such pitying stares and looked sorry that they felt so bad for themselves when there was this poor little baby hurt (at least I imagine that's how they were feeling).

I think if he would have cried incessantly people would have been less sympathetic. But no, he was a brave little boy and garnered all sorts of sympathy.

I thought I would let you all know. He is napping sweetly right now. He is also pretty happy so long as he doesn't try and stand.


ps. he appears to be feeling MUCH better now. So it mustn't have been a break. Just a twist, or something. I don't know. I'm not a doctor. All I know is my baby is crawlin' around like the little maniac he is!!! :-D


  1. Awwww Kimberellie :(

    These things happen. Don't beat yourself up too much, darlin'. Accidents happen and no one is to blame. It could happen to anyone and it doesn't make you a bad mommy in the SLIGHTEST. Chin up :). He's okay and that's the important thing :)

    I hope he feels better!

  2. ohhhh honey!!! I'm so sorry you had such a terrifying experience! It happens to all of us. I once left the room for a split second (like real quick) and B rolled off her changing table onto a hardwood floor. Stupid of me to leave her, like parenting 101, right? Luckily she was okay.
    Don't beat yourself up over it. Hope he gets better soon! I'm praying for the lil guy=)

  3. Oh no!! How awful. Don't blame yourself. Accidents like these happen and there's nothing we can do about them. (When I was two my mom was holding me and a cup and accidentally swung her cup into my forehead and I had to get several stiches. My dad told me it made her sick for MONTHS).

    I'm glad your son is okay. That's the most important thing. :)

  4. you are a great mommy!!!!! accidents happen!!

    i love that picture! its beautiful

  5. I hope both of you are feeling better. my daughter fell on the bed when she was about 10 months and I felt so terrible. I heard the back of her head hitting the floor and we have a high bed. She did not want to sleep on her crib that night and I put pillows all around her and I was beside her too sleeping. I searched online about this kind of incidents and asked some of my coworkers about it. Of course, I called the doctor too and incidents like that happen. Now, I sleep on the floor with her if she won't sleep early or if I know I might be falling asleep. I'm having a hard time making her sleep on her crib so I just transfer her when she's already sleeping. Sorry, a long story.

    PS> that picture of him is ssoooo CUTE!

  6. Oh, so hard when our little ones get hurt! I am glad he's feeling better!

  7. I hope your baby gets better soon. When Bea was a baby I went on a little walk to the beach with my family and fell so hard. Luckily Bea wasn't hurt at all but I still have a huge scar on my leg.
    I love your secretary outfit btw!

  8. Oh gosh, that's so scary. I'm glad to hear he's doing ok. Just don't tell him that story when he's old enough to develop "issues" cause he'll blame it on you.

  9. Aww, poor thing, Hope the recovery is swift!

  10. oh, no! I'm so happy to hear he's doing better now. I hate when babies get hurt. I just want to hold them all day long.


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