Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new blogging schedule (mark your calendars cuties)

Hey, so I am thinking I am going to try (try being the operative word) a new blogging schedule.  I think it will go something like this:
  • Mommy Mondays (the day where I interview a mommy--possibly YOU)
  • Tuesdays: An outfit post where I ramble on as per usual.
  • Words on Wednesdays: posts WITHOUT pictures where I write about something (gasp, I know, shocking!)
  • Thursdays: An outfit post where I DO NOT ramble on as per usual (so no writing at all!)
  • Fickle Fridays: where I am fickle and may or may not post.  So try not to cry tears of disappointment and thwarted love when I don't.  
What do you think?  Do you think you could handle so much Kimberellie?  Do you think you would miss me on Wednesday?  I mean, I would be here still.  Only there wouldn't be any pictures of me.  Just writing.  You know, type type type words; and punctuation and stuff like other words and bad grammar and that sort of run on sentence hey where's your hyphen stuff.  Question mark?  

You see, tt just takes so much time to do photos and content every day.  And I sort of want to post something every week day.  Only I haven't much time being that I have a baby (and have to watch Sex and the City every afternoon...I mean....clean every afternoon...shhh, I think they believe me).  So!  -This way it would be about the same amount of content, only stretched out over the whole week.  So think of it like: no less jam, just a bigger slice of toast (the week is the toast, I'm the jam...raspberry to be specific).

Any other ideas?  Anything you want to know about me?  See about me?  Hear about me? (besides me in my ruffle bum panties...I've got tons of requests for pics of that already....and the answer is a firm...maybe). 

What about Cutie Pie Sunday?  I could post a picture of my cutie pie? What, did you think I meant ME?  Because I am a cutie pie.  I know I am.  But I am not THE Cutie Pie.  That's my son.  He's got me beat on the cutie pie front for sure.

Okay.  That is all.

outfit details:

dress, joe fresh style, thrifted: $6
belt: from my mother in law
cashmere cardi, daniel bishop: $150
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, ardene: $3
silver necklace, thrifted: $4
long necklace, thrifted: $1

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. the pics aren't pixalated, the dress IS.  Cool, hey?

Monday, September 27, 2010

i thought I'd look at you for once (hey, you're cute)

Yep.  Here I am looking at the camera.  At YOU.  And I have got to say: you are looking good.  Sexy really.Thanks.  I appreciate it.  You getting all dolled up to read my blog that is...  It's for me right?  You're not going on a date or anything after this; are you?  Because I thought we had something.  Something special.

Today I gave a friend a cheque for some Norwex cleaning supplies (very cool stuff).  And anyway, in the memo line I wrote: "For being sexy".  I don't think I am capable of writing a cheque without writing something silly and/or untoward in the memo line.  Even to my mother.  So watch out.  If I ever write a cheque for you, the memo line may specify that the cheque is for:

  • Kittens
  • ruffle bum panties
  • earwax removal services
  • naked cheese
  • spanking
  • a lot of buttons
  • smooches
  • happiness
  • putting the toilet seat down
  • the hit.  you know the one I mean.  thanx.

Now onto other things.

Say, did you notice my skirt?  Well, notice.  Bet you didn't know I got it for FREE.  Yes, free.  I redeemed my chic points for this.  It's by Alyssa Nicole a very talented independent designer.  It is handmade; and it is FAB-U-LOUS (and did I mention FREE?).  I really love the shape of it.  It just pleaseth me muchly.  Oh, muchly.

And notice my cardigan: I just got it dry cleaned.  And it is fuzzy nubbley-er than ever ( very fuzzy numbley).  I picked this up about 7 years ago to the not free tune of $150 dollars.  But for 7 years worth of wear, I have got to say: still a good deal.  And lucky moi, that wrap cardigans are so "in" right now.  If you are reading my archives please scroll ahead seven years to moi still wearing said cardigan and being totally "out" (a place I plan to be in 7 years ;-).

That is all.

So here's me looking at you- baby.  Try not to fall in love with me.  It'll just make things awkward.

shirt, thrifted: $3
hose (isn't it fun to call tights: "hose"?) joe fresh style: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
necklace, smart set: $1
cardigan, daniel bishop (bought 7 years ago): $150

Heart (but not in that way...okay, maybe): Kimberellie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i love YOU more than ME

I admit it, I sometimes go to my own blog, look at it, caress the screen with my eyes, and grin. My son points and says: "Mama!" I point and say: "I'm cuter than cute." It's not that I'm vain (okay, maybe a little vain). But really, it's more that I'm pleased. It's fun to have something all your own on the interweb that other people seem to like. Though I'm fairly certain I would still be enamored with my blog had I no followers (as I was in the beginning). Though it is nice to know I'm not the only one enamored with myself (you think I'm cuter than cute, I know you do).

That said: I like you more than me. Visiting you, caressing your blog with my eyes, reading your words, admiring your style (and taking notes). Because hey, as much as we all like to look in the mirror and say: "Good job on that make up application, boy you look great self!" isn't it more fun to sit accross from a girlfriend and admire her taupe nail polish whilst catching up on the gossip?

Because that's what all this style blogging is about, isn't it? Virtual coffee dates? I usually blog during nap time, a time when I cannot go out for coffee. So I stay in for it. And I come and visit YOU. And let me tell you: I heart you. I do.

Now let's get to the good part. I just recieved the sunshine award from the ever stylish and uber cool Annebeth of the Styling Dutchman. And now I am going to pass it on. And because I hate putting links in my blog (yes, I am that lazy), I am going to make it more fun and tell each person why she is getting this award (and also something about'll see).

Vintage Vixen because she gets better deals than me!
The Laundry Narrative because I think we would be rocking our leather shorts at the play park together if we didn't live thousands of miles apart!
Skinny Buddha because she has such a unique and amazing style.
circle meets square for being so ethereal, beautfiul, and fascinating!
required2beinspired for always inspiring me with her creativity.
Fashion Confessions of a Mommy because she does so many fun things with her family and looks fantastic doing it!  I am always impressed by her optimism, enthusiasm, and seemingly boundless energy!
MODELmumma for never failing to make me think.
Sophiasa for being sweet and lovely and fun.
Starship Narcissus for looking so great in art museums...and taking her wee BEAUTIFUL girl along!
Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique for cooking good and looking good (oh, not funny, but seriously, this girl can cook!)
La Ville Inconnue for always looking so sweet and stylish and lovely in their vintage clothes.
bravegrrl for being beautiful and poetic and sharing the beauty and poetry that is YOU with the world. 

Now you ladies know the drill: pass it on if you want, say it's from me if you want, ignore it because you are too lazy to put links in your blog if you want (so guilty of this myself).  

Though if you do get around to accepting it, how about we make it a little fun and you answer this question for me: "What's your favourite pair of underwear, and why?"

I'll start (just to be fair): my black ruffle bum ones.  Because they are comfortable and ruffle bum.   And it is just so much fun to say ruffle bum.  Try it: ruffle bum.  

ps. if I didn't give you an award and you wanted one, it's not because I don't love you, it's because I'm lazy.  And the only thing I really dislike about blogging is putting links in.  Ugh.  I'm always surprised that other people don't seem to mind this.  I just find it so irritating! 

 But you I don't find irritating; you I,

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

jacket, vintage thrifted: $5
skirt, thrifted: $3
shirt, gap: $12
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, the dollar store: a dollar
bracelet: gift from Lee
tiffany necklace: also a gift from Lee (Miss Lee do you realize I wear something from you at least every second day?;-)
belt: my husband's tie
beret, nine west: $1 (there is a matching scarf you will be seeing soon if the weather doesn't start being more polite).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

post more often Kimberellie! or I will get you,

with my getting!

I'm trying to post more often.  That's what I say to my son.  That is, I say: "I'll get you with my getting."  I don't say: "I'm trying to post more often".  Because I have no idea why I would say that to my son.  That would be weird.  Speaking of my son, look!:
Pretty frickin' cute, hey?  I think so.

now would you look at THESE BOOTS?

I will have them.  I will.  I will have them. Yes. Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And explosion! (of excitedness) over wanting boots.  But how shall I pay for them?  Oh dear I don't know how!  

Because I also want:
  • Alien, the perfume
  • another pair of leopard print tights (not grey, but regular leopard colour)
  • Princess by Vera Wang (I am sort of perfume obsessed)
  • a pair of shoes I won't mention here in case everyone goes out and buys them and they get sold out in my size because I am waiting for them to go on sale (yes I am that kind of paranoid).
  • a kindle.  kindle.  kindle.
  • hm...I swore I wanted more stuff than this.  Seriously.  I'm a stuffaholic.  I love stuff.  STUFF!
  • tea?  yes, well I can have that one.  I can.  I have about 6 mugs of tea a day.  It's fantastic!  This next mug will be my fourth mug.  Or should I say cup?  Or cuppa?  Well I am gonna hava cuppa of teaa soona.
  • Also, I want a cookie.
Okay.  Now I am done listing stuff.  Thanks for visiting.  You are special.  And I am special.  And tea is special. Doesn't that make you feel special?  Being right up there with tea?

Obviously I've gone a little crazy.  But that's okay.  Because I love my jacket.

This jacket: awesome no?  I got it for FIVE bucks.  Nice! Pretty! Great condition! Vintage! Jacket! for five bucks?  Pray tell how Kimberellie?  How didst thou scorest such an awesome deal? Here, I'll tell: it was priced at $ 25 and I said: "That seems kind of expensive.  Can I have it for less?" And then the lady marked it down to five.  Yes.  I have mad negotiating skills...or I maybe I am secretly a vampire and I "glamoured" her.  Or actually, you see me out in daylight a lot...  So that story won't stick.  Would you believe that I'm a Jedi?

outfit details:

vintage wool jacket: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, ardene: $3
shirt, from winnners: $5
hairband, smart set: $3
bracelets, assorted thrifted: 67 cents each

Heart: Kimberellie
Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

Monday, September 20, 2010

get your Monday socks on and get out there

It's finally happened.  I've run out of things to say.  Really.  I've been trying to write this blog post for almost 24 hours already.  And this is all I have come up with: lamenting my lack of inspiration.  Not especially original, is it?  

Let's talk about my shoes, how about.  Nice, hey?  I think so.  I picked these babies up to the tune of 8 dollars.  Thrifted, yes.  Vintage, yes.  New?  Yes, actually, they were new (as in never worn) until I put them on my pretty little feet and took them out for a stroll.  

In other news, look: a hairband.  Fetching, isn't it?  I have decided that fetching will be my word du jour.  Like today, I don't feel especially fetching.  I just woke up from a nap.  And I feel decidedly blah.  The next photo was taken at the park.  And yes, that is a child's cup I am drinking from.  

Alright, I'm off.  Now you, go get your Monday socks on and get out there and play.* It's sunny outside and still summer for a few more precious hours.  Unless it's raining where you live.  In which case I recommend a nap (in your Sunday socks, of course).

outfit details:

jacket, danier: $300
shirt, from a friend of a friend
jeans, romeo and julliet couture via winners: $5
hairband, smart set: $3
bracelet, tiffany's: gift from husband
shoes, vintage thrifed: $8
watch: my husband's
ring, smart set: $3

heart: kimberellie

*my son has day of the week socks.  I'm a little envious of them, I admit it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a consumer stands outside

A Consumer Stands Outside

You paint my skin with sunshine.
I'm standing where I stand,
I close my eyelids crimson;
And wait to feel your hand
Spiderwebs are glistening-
But I speak too loud to hear
A vast sky whispering,
That you are already near.
So gather me with quiet,
Because I am tired of me.
What I want, I can't buy it,
Spiderwebs are always free
  So why do I refuse what's best;
  And pay for what's worth less?

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

jacket, thrifted years ago: $5 (about four years)
shoes, thrifted recently: $10
skirt: a gift from my mil
shirt, winners: $6 (at least 8 years old)
belt, thrifed: $1
bracelets: all thrifted (for 69 cents each) except the gold bracelet which was a graduation present from my mom and stepdad
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from my husband

I have been spending time with Dylan Thomas, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Shakespeare, e.e. cummings and my garden, instead of looking online at shoes during my son's nap time (a laudable use of time, I'm not saying it isn't;-).  So here is my garden (really a patio with a tree and some dirt and a rosebush--we're working on it).

The last photo I really like.  At first when I saw it on my computer screen I thought: "Oh, the wear on the ring is showing, too bad."  But then I realized, no, wait a minute, this isn't a wedding day photo of my engagement and wedding rings, but a married photo.  There should be wear; because we've been married two and a half years now.  And I like that the photo shows that.

Monday, September 13, 2010

don't go out to the woods today!

Look to the left!
Look to the right!

Look out!

(the woods are full of teddy bears)

In other news, I'm reading a book.  Actually, I'm always reading a book.  Want to hear which one?  Of course you do.  One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell (the author of Sex and the City).  And I have to say, I'm really liking it.  What I'm really liking?  -Hating all the characters.  That's right.  I don't really like any of them.  Okay, maybe I sort of like three of them, and feel sorry for two of them.  Overall I am very much enjoying disliking the majority of the characters and liking the book itself.  Anyone reading anything they are quite enjoying right now?  I do love recommendations!
And speaking of Sex and the City, I LOVE her necklace.  I want one.  Only I don't want mine to say "Carrie".  Because that would be weird.  

Super cute, no?  
Oh, I smell something burning.  I should check on that.*

outfit details:

skirt, cleo: $10
shirt, winners: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, a dollar store: $1
jacket, danier: $300

Heart: Kimberellie

* I may or may not get confused about which dial belongs to which stove burner.  I may or may not have melted a plastic stirring spoon.
And speaking of teddy bears: "It is astonishing how many thoroughly mature, well-adjusted grown-ups harbour a teddy bear - which is perhaps why they are thoroughly mature and well-adjusted." ~ Joseph Lempa
ps. I couldn't sleep without my teddy bear until I was 25.  I used to bring him (CUDDLES!) camping as an adult.  
pps. When I was first dating my husband I discovered a box of his teddy bears marked: "pillows" in his apartment!

Friday, September 10, 2010

"be neither a conformist or a rebel"

I was going to wear a scarf tied in a bow with this.  But I wasn't really "feeling it".  Instead I was feeling this long gold pendant necklace I bought for a dollar (!) the other day. I just thought to myself: "Hmm...not feeling the bow...just not what I want lately. How about the long gold pendant necklace?"  So I put it on feeling like it was a decision I had  made.

A short time later whilst reading the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar I discovered one way to make your look really "now" was to wear a long gold pendant necklace.  Huh.  It appears I have been brainwashed.  But I knew that already, didn't I?

So often my sartorial choices (and even my choice of that word) are heavily influenced by magazines, blogs, advertisements, television, movies.  You name it.  I know it.  But I don't know it.  Because so often I find myself following without even knowing I'm following.  But I guess I'm okay with that.

Because the thing is, it isn't just fashion.  It's books, shows, music, hobbies, even ways of thinking.  We humans like to be connected, together, involved, "in".  Well, I guess some people don't like to go with the flow. You've met them.  You might be one of them.  Someone who doesn't "follow trends", doesn't do what other people do.  In fact, in some ways I'm one of them myself.  Only I'm not.  Not really.*

The other day I was at a park in the "nice" part of town.  And suddenly I noticed: I didn't match.  But they did.  Yes.  All the other mothers were wearing: sporty flats, yoga pants, lulu lemon hoodies, straightened highlighted hair, children in crocs.  Okay, they weren't technically wearing their children...but their children were wearing crocs.  It was kind of creepy know, sort of stepfordwivesesque.

But who am I to judge?  Just because I didn't match them doesn't mean I don't match anyone (actually my husband and I match quite's cute, really).  Because you know what?  If it hadn't been the park, but instead had been a blogger meet up, I would have fit right in.  That's the great thing about the internet, no matter how eccentric or esoteric, or any other e word, our tastes or opinions are, there's bound to other people who share them.  We needn't be alone amidst the Stepford wives.  We can have our own creepy little group.

Really what I'm saying here is: it's nice to be in such good company.

outfit details:
shoes, naturalizer: $30
shorts, vintage thrifted: $1
necklace, thrifted: $1
shirt, joe fresh style: $12
belt: gift
cardigan: gift
socks: who keeps track of where they bought their socks? 

Heart: Kimberelllie
*Truth be told: I just do what I want and what I think best.  And if it happens to be what other people are doing, that's okay.  And if it happens to be what no one is doing, that's okay too.  

You have enemies?  Good.  That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  ~Winston Churchill

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.  ~Mark Twain

Be neither a conformist or a rebel, for they are really the same thing.  Find your own path, and stay on it.  ~Paul Vixie

Trying to be original, isn't very orignal. ~moi

You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. ~Doug Floyd

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

two dollar dress YES

I just want to drink my tea in peace, thankyouverymuch.  Naptime, which usually commences at 12 pm, commenced at 2 pm (!) today.  Oh, dear me.  But that's okay because I love my shoes.  Yes, shoe love compensates for teething babies.  Also, this dress? Here, let me get pic of just the dress:
Now let's start again: this dress, cost me TWO dollars.  Yes.  A dollar ninety-five to be exact.  New, too.  Crazy, hey?  I seriously got some GREAT deals the other evening.  This dress, a shirt for my husband, a pair of grey jeans, and...and...oh my gosh...I can't remember.  This is how you know you shop too much ladies; because it was only Thursday night.  Something...  Something.  What was it?  Oh, I remember, a shirt for my sister-in-law! Phew.  That's not so bad not remembering as it wasn't for me!  Though that was a close one.  I almost had to check myself into shopping rehab there!

Now what was I saying?  Right: I got all this for 12 dollars and 10 cents.  Crazy, hey?  It was a good haul even by my standards.

But enough about shopping.  I gotta go watch Sex in the City drink tea and eat chocolate.  Yes, life's hard.

outfit details:

socks: I don't know
shoes, naturalizer: $30
dress, rw & co.: $1.95
leather jacket, danier: $300
belt: a gift
necklace, smart set: $2
hat: bought it ten years ago, probably for ten bucks or so

Heart: Kimberellie

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm a real person. I wear underwear.

This is what I wore to our family photo shoot on Saturday (I'll show you the pics in a few weeks when I get them). And this was me on Saturday morning:
"Where's my strapless bra? Where's my strapless bra?"
This was my one year old son:
He says: "Hmmm..." anytime anyone says: "Where?" It's pretty cute.
Speaking of bras. Remember when I talked about how I HATE wearing a bra, yet wear one nonetheless? Well, I decided that perhaps what I need is just a more comfortable one.
And now I've found a really great search engine for finding this elusive comfortable bra. It's an online directory for local stores. You pick what you want to look for and then you click on your town; and then BAM: all the stores in your area that sell it. In my case: underthings.
So I am excited to start my search. Now, I know online has SO MANY more underthings options than in town. But when it comes to your skivies, I think real life shopping is the underwear answer.
Which brings me to this point: how is this not real life? I'll tell my "real world" friends about things I have learned/heard/talked about with online friends and somehow they think that these online friends/conversations are less valid, less real. As in:
Fred has twelve toes.
Yes, I also know someone with twelve toes.
A girl I know online. She lives in Pittsburgh.
Oh, well that doesn't count. I mean in the real world.
But this person IS in the real world. She's in Pittsburgh.
No, I mean real life. Like a real person.
But Jenny IS a real person.
No, I mean someone you really know.
I DO know Jenny. And I know she has 12 toes. I've seen a picture of them. Have you actually seen Fred's eleventh and twelfth toe? Because I've seen Jenny's.
Well, no I haven't seen them. But Fred's a real person. Jenny is just someone you know online.
Okay. SERIOUSLY? Because, I EXIST! I do! I do! And so I am assuming you do too! This is a valid assumption, right? You do exist, don't you? Don't you?????

outfit details:
dress: had it for years
belt, an old camera strap: from my mil
shoes, naturaliser: $30
coat, thrifted vintage: $5
wooden bracelet, smart set: $3
shell ring, from Hornby Island: $6

Heart: Kimberellie (who is really real, I can assure you)
ps. Because you asked: no, I have not gotten a DSLR (yet!) I've just become a pro photo editor. Yes. I'm brilliant. And my husband takes all my photos. He's cute that way.
ps. ps. isn't this the GREATEST bright pink lipstick EVER? It's Revlon Fuchsia colorburst. Here's a blog about it in case you want to see it and know it more (and I'm just not that motivated personally). It really IS a great lipstick. And it makes me happy.
ppps: my husband tells me this is actually how I am supposed to do multiple post scripts.  whatevs.