Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poetry Wednesdays

So I've decided to organize things a little on here. So for starts: Wednesdays are now Poetry Wednesdays. I am going to post some poems (new and old, mine and not mine) every Wednesday. Starting, you guessed it: today!

Now, if poetry isn't your thing, and you like, wait for Fridays. Yes, that's right, Fridays will soon be "Fashion Fridays". I am inspired by a lot of fashion blogs. So I am going to be doing something similar on Fridays.

But that is enough preamble. On with the poetry.


You are Mine

You are mine. You are mine. You are mine.
Child in my arms, you are mine.
And I love you. You are mine.
You are mine. You are mine. You are mine.
I hold you. You are mine.
You are beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.
That God would give me one like you!
You are mine.
A baby. A child. A man. Still, whisper:
you are mine

And one day you will live in another home
And you won't know, as you now know, that
You are mine
And one day you will walk away from me
(taller than me)
And one day you will dance
A beautiful woman in your arms
(I twirl you now)
And she will be the star of your eyes
And you won't know then how you are mine
(but still you will be mine)

Look now my son, read these words as a man-
Look now into you heart
You will find a place deep and quiet.
A place that speaks confidence and love: I planted that there
with help of hands Divine
And I water it and watch it grow
(my arms hold and rock, lips whisper lullabies)
You are mine. You are mine. You are mine.
This place speaks it so.


  1. This is a very sweet poem. I like your blog post layout. A little bit of everything. I'm looking forward to Fridays :)

  2. Thanks. I can't figure out how to subscribe to your blog because you don't seem to have the header over top. I just usually press the "follow" button. I will have to get my husband to help me when he gets home. I thought I was already following but I wasn't getting any updates. Oh dears. I am inept. ;-D

  3. I love this poem. It almost made me cry and I don't even have children, but somehow I knew exactly what you meant.


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