Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park Walk

So I joined Weardrobe.

Now I need to constantly take pictures of myself wearing kick ass outfits. So of course we went to the park. Baby ate leaves. Husband didn't eat leaves. I stood around and looked pretty.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the walk. Currently the baby is sleeping. Michael thinks the walk must have tired him out. Which is funny (it's funny because he didn't do any walking). But I figure being THAT cute must be exhausting (at least for me it is).


  1. I'm diggin' your quilted boots.
    P.S. No copyright, but I do appreciate when other bloggers say where the inspiration/spark came from. And they are hard to do--it's hard to remember every hour, so good luck! :)

  2. Thanks. :-D I got them super on sale from Winners. Compare at price over $200, Winners regular price $119, I bought them for...$25 bucks!!

    I heart clearance.

    As for the photos I may try something similar and photo journal every Tuesday or so. With a wee one it may be darn near impossible to remember/do every hour. (Of course credit will be given where credit is due ;-) )

  3. Lovely coat ! And cute baby :)


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