Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Evening Sneak Peak

I am in pink pajama bottoms. Plaid. Pink robe. Not plaid. No make-up.

I was dressed up. I was going out. I was.

I didn't. SOMEBODY (somebody adorable) decided that THAT wasn't happening. So it didn't. We went home. Well, the two of us did.


I am drinking tea.

I am waiting for my husband to get home from the Halloween party I intended on attending.

What I did:

I washed my face. I read some blogs. I uploaded a new picture onto Weardrobe. I contemplated life. I turned out all the lights. I saw a fireworks display from my window. I wondered how much my city has spent on fireworks this year.

I realized:

It isn't very fun to watch fireworks alone (the baby was sleeping when they began).
I compulsively clean when I am at home by myself for the evening.
Bread will burn in the toaster if you slice it too thin.
Even though I missed the Halloween party, I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Stay tuned for Halloween pictures.

I'd post them now; but the camera also got to go out without me.


  1. My little one also prevented me from partaking in the Halloween festivities, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Priorities change over time I guess. I love that blogs make me feel part of a greater whole. Glad you found me and that I found you!

  2. What a sweet entry! Looking forward to Halloween pics!

  3. Second Skin, I LOVE that! That is exactly how I feel: "being part of a greater whole"! Yes. It is also nice for me knowing that I was not the only one not partaking! :-) I'm glad we found each other too!

    Emma, I'm glad you liked it! This evening the photos will be up!


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