Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We have a crawler on our hands! and floor!

So baby V took her first "crawl" today.  It was pretty much cuteness personified in the crawlness of her little leggies and all that moving forwardness.  I'm pretty stoked.  I think she was interested in being earlier than average (9 months is average) and she'll be 9 months in a few days; or more likely she just really wanted my car keys (the "crawl goal").

My son crawled at 7 months...but he did the commando crawl (dragging his belly like a commando).  Baby V has decided on the "traditional crawl"; I figure she is either too elegant for the commando crawl, or her belly is just too big!.  Anyway, it's awesome because I think crawling babies are cute. I like to watch the cute little bums of cute little crawlers.

Oh, and so this post isn't excruciatingly mundane (or maybe I'll be making it worse) I thought I would tell you some of Violet's nicknames:

Baby Girl
Baby V
Chubba Bubba
Pokah Bear
Biddy Boo

I like to nickname.

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. she's not as blond as she looks here.  In fact, she's brunette.  For some reason she looks quite golden in this pic...probably the photo filter.

outfit details:
pink onsie dress, old navy: $5
diaper, superstore: 170 for $25


  1. SHE IS SO CUTE! and she looks so much like soren! different, but so similar, too. they are going to be quite the pair someday! i love seeing you with a daughter. you and soren are adorable and amazing, of course, but i'm so happy that you get to have a mother/daughter relationship too!:)

  2. (oh, and she also decidedly looks A LOT like her gorgeous momma, too!)

  3. she is SO cute! LOVE that smile :) I like that you listed where that haute couture diaper came from, lol


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