Sunday, April 8, 2012

Don't throw books, ONLY throw balls!

This is the first in a series of posts hereafter aptly titled: "What I'm Reading, Yo".

Yo.  Here's what I'm reading: Dreams of Joy by Lisa See.  Now here's the problem: it's a sequel.  Yes, I hate sequels, they make me want to cry and scream and possibly throw things.  Wait a minute, that's not true.  I LOVE sequels.  I love trilogies.  I love series-eys, I love BOOKS.  So that can't be the problem.  But I'll tell you what is: the first book.

The first book, Shanghai Girls I loved.  I really did.  Also I hated it.  You see, there was this really really sad part. And when I read it, I had to throw it across the room.  I had to.  You'd have understood if you were there watching me read.

The problem isn't that I'm a reformed book thrower (I'm not, throwing books is one of the chief pleasures in my life).  The problem is: I'm reading the sequel on my e-reader.  I'm sure you can put two and two together: I don't want to throw my Kobo.  As my three year old son would say: "That would be TRAGICAL!"

I'll let you know how it goes (whether I am forced to throw it or not).

I wonder if: "thrown in a fit of fury" is covered by Kobo's warranty?  I think it would be funny to call and ask.

"Oh hello!  Yes, I had a question: Is "Thrown in a fit of fury" covered by my warranty?"
"Pardon ma'am?"
"I threw my Kobo.  Is that covered?  I can assure you, it wasn't an over-reaction."
"Were you reading the fourth book in the Twilight series?"
"No.  It was a Lisa See novel."
"In that case, sorry.  No.  But I am authorized to put a ten dollar credit on your account to go toward your next e-book purchase."
"But my Kobo is smashed!"
"Ma'am, I have to take a piss now." click.*

Yep.  That's how it would go down.

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

hat, men's Gap: $22
boyfriend jeans,  buffalo: $8 
shirt, Gap: $7
shoes, vintage: $8
bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from my husband

*don't you hate it when people call you "ma'am"?  It makes me want to slap the offending person silly.  Or throw an e-reader at them.  Have YOU ever thrown a book?  I can't be the only one.  If so, do tell: which book?


  1. LOL! NO, do not throw that poor tragically delicate kobo... keep an old telephone directory beside you and throw that instead. Throwing telephone directories is highly satisfying, because they are big and fluttery and suitably dramatic.

  2. Yes! I threw the novel, The Historian across the room when I got to the end because I was so disappointed in how cheesy it was after all that great writing and magnificent suspense surrounding what would happen! I was so mad. Unfortunately, e-readers do present a different problem all together:) You look lovely, by the way. Great hat and loafers.

    Thanks for the comment the other day. I haven't posted since before the pregnancy began...I just didn't feel like doing it anymore and thought it was silly to force myself when it was supposed to be a hobby.

  3. ma'am makes me crazy. don't you dare ma'am me!!!!
    i'm pretty sure i've thrown a book before. and i'm pretty sure it was (don't judge) bridges of madison county. that book was soooooo sad!!!!! i read it multiple times and each time i bawled like a baby and got super mad at francesca.
    and you look uber gorgeous :)

  4. I am so glad I am not the only book thrower! Or the only one that gets emotionally invested enough to want to throw the book.

    This has been a habit since I was young. When the characters are too frustrating, or the situation is too intense, my books have always ended up chucked across the room.

    Reading on a kindle (my e reader of choice) does make that tricky but I've discovered that clicking off of Kindle and doing something else in a defiant manner helps a bit, obviously not as satisfying as throwing, but equally dismissive.

  5. When I was 14 or 15 my mom wouldn't let me go to a Death From Above 1979 show because it was downtown and I was a wee babe and I threw a book and yelled "I AM MATURE" at her without a hint of humor or irony and was not allowed to go the next show I wanted to see, either.

    1. I've never thrown a book out of fury or anything, though. If a book is getting to me, I like to put close it up, hold my place with my fingers, and make noises. I am a loud reader. I "hm" and "ugh" a lot.

    2. Okay I am TOO amused. Also, I'm a little astonished that you threw a book at your mom. But also it's too funny to be astonished. I hope neither of my children ever throw their kobos at me!! I like your loud reading though! HAHAHA!

  6. Sometimes I read a book and then THROW it in the trash after I finish cuz I hated it so much! Ok, so I've only done that twice but still, it's been done. I don't have an e reader though ... Ps: thank you for your awesome comment about my blog! I'm in a really good place with it right now, I post when I want and enjoy doing it. Thanks so much for noticing!! :)

  7. I don't think I've thrown one, but I've come close, that's for sure. And if you do call and ask if that's covered by the warranty, please tape record that conversation and share it with us!


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