Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm trying to think of a really clever nonsensical title. BATMAN!

I can't decide what I want to do with my blog.  But I do know what I don't want:

1. I don't want to spend more than a half an hour a day on anything blog related.
2. I don't ever want my blog to become wildly popular (I know, this may SEEM strange; but it isn't.  I'm lazy/busy/selfish(?). And the less people who care/pay attention to my blog, the more I can be a slacker/do whatever I want)

The thing is, I want to post stuff.  Stuff I write, stuff I think about, photos of clothes with me in them.  Pictures of my kidlets.  I don't know, STUFF.  I don't want to have a purpose, point, or action plan.  I don't want to be involved in blogger communities, or have sponsors (unless people are begging to give me free stuff, than by all means).  BUT you know, I don't want it to be WORK.  Not work in any shape or form or what have you.  They key here is laziness people. It's a "must-have".

You see, I just want to occupy my little part of the interweb selfishly and aimlessly.  And if anyone wants to come along for the ride (which may or may not come to a grinding halt suddenly and without warning): welcome.  But be forewarned: I am doing this strictly to amuse myself.  There will be no naked photos.

heart: Kimberellie

a. vintage, never worn: $10
b. it's a zebra.  really.
c. when toys come alive I take pictures.

ps. I'm on Facebook now.  Well, as a page.  Not as a me, but as Kimberellie (she's my alter-ego).  I figure this way all my non-blogging peeps can know when I post, yo.


  1. here here! Am hanging around for the ride, whether short or long. :D
    hope all is well & good xo

  2. Of course you should blog about whatever you like! I like your voice and your cheerful way of looking at life.

  3. oh I wanted those sort of dolls so bad when I was young! i didn't know they still made them - i want them now!


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