Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Happy

I am going crazy with silliness. Remember in Roman Holiday when Audrey says: "So happy". I like that part.

Or when she says: "I don't seem to mind". Also, a very good line. Okay. SILLY. Because this isn't making any sense.

But I am full of silly. And when the baby wakes up we are going out. OUT! OUT! I like this blog.

I think this is the sort of thing I am going to write: random nonsense.

Two stuffed bears are staring at me from above my computer moniter. I think they have plans for me. Sinister plans. Oh, a car just drove by on the street below. White with two black racing stripes. Very cool to see from above like that.

My home is just stuffed with baby toys. It is hard to get around the living room. Why isn't living room one word? I think it should be.

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