Monday, September 14, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

I filled a basket up with baby toys and put it in our living room. The first time I looked at it I smiled. The basket says: YES. Yes we have a baby.

It's wonderful.

I have a new Starbucks mug. It may be the best Starbucks mug ever. One day I will have a cupboard full of Starbucks mugs. My mug makes me happy.

I looked through old photographs today. I love photographs. I think I may be obsessed with taking snap shots. Pictures make me happy. I look and I remember. I remember and I smile. Maybe one day I will have them all in photo albums instead of just on Facebook!

Tonight is yoga. Yoga number one class. We'll see if I can downward dog. We will see if I have any aptitude for this. Yoga makes me happy. Perhaps when I have actually done it in real life and not just thought about it it will make me less happy. We'll see!

Teddy bears. The new I & B W. Tea. TEA!

Some people who make me happy:

M. Power.
R. Kolke.
My sister.

There are more. You are one of them.

What else? Right. Writing. Writing makes me happy. I am supposed to have five pages done by Friday. My first book took me a year to write. My second took me 6 years. I think I need deadlines. This third book I hope to have done in a year. Perhaps one day I will get really ambitious and actually send the books to publishers. I may even get so ambitious that I will let people read them.

Another thing that made me happy this week: M with the word LOVE painted on her forehead.

Oh, and ][ getting married in a top hat! Perfect!

Beer in a hot tub... Homemade bread...

Oh, and I know, the very best of all (and I will end this rambling):

My baby now sucks his thumb! It is adorable! One day I showed him how by sucking my thumb. The next day he was doing it! My first mommy lesson!

Yes. This makes me happiest of all.

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