Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waves (Poetry Wednesdays)

A friend of mine wrote the following poem. I LOVE it. So I asked to post it here. It is truly beautiful (as is the poet).

Poem and photograph by Stargirl Letourneau


To be alive bounding in aching shining vulnerable life,
this the greatest gift of all O God!
To live precariously, dangerously
At times leaping into the dark abyss of blind faith
only to find myself caressed by the warm sparkling winds of night,
shedding the comfortable familiar burrs on my soul in terror of nakedness I
Find you have cloaked me in love and acceptance, in peace and beauty
Madness you say, peace in between chemistry physics laundry repertoire teaching math my students' hands are tense oh no what did I do wrong I have to do this and that so much theory homework have to make dinner and I have no time-

No. That is not peace
Peace is every minute, every second, ticking by a drop of smooth golden honey slowly slowly melting into the Jar, slowly slowly

A prayer, a tear, there is still a lot to do, so much, so much much, but you are my peace, you are my calm, my rock, how could I ever have wanted anything less? For I did settle for much less my God, Rock, my Protector, Father, that I can call you "Father" is the greatest blessing of all

And the so much becomes Joyful, loving, the seconds are longer, stronger, I am not harried, I am safe in your arms, for these things do not matter so much, my God, as you and me, as keeping M close to your heart-go slow with the metronome, and your hands loosen, see? t is better, slower but better, darling, I do my best and it is not rushed, it is full but not rushed. Warm comfort of folding laundry, and I am not rushed-

Heart opens. Slowly heart opens and blood does not rush forth but is given, warm red blood, my hands have been cold so long but they are warmed in your loving embrace, tears bathe me but they come slowly, slowly slowly every minute has a new gift, a new beauty,

the exquisite neatness of chemistry equations on a page, and there are all these wonderful things to do, thank you for today God. In the waves blue and winsome rocking my eyes inspiring me in quietness, for your peace in my soul, for everyone I love, all the new people, more every day......

Slowly slowly take a minute, it is beautiful quiet and

I am with you.

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