Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dear Pinterest Moms,


You thought I was going to say something else, didn't you? You thought this was going to be ANOTHER rant against Pinterest, against crafting, against “making our children's lives magical”. Nope. Sorry. It isn't that.  This is for you Pinterest Mom. Because you know what? I like you. And I like you, because I AM you.

Yes. I confess, I'm a “Pinterest Mom”. Not only do I pin that sh-t, I do that sh-t. And GUESS FREAKIN WHAT? I don't do it for “show”. I don't do it to make other moms feel “inadequate”. Heck, I don't even do it for my kids' benefit. Oh no. It's even crazier than that. Hold on, because this may astonish you, (not you Pinterest Mom, you already know the reason), but YOU, you many writers of many articles and all those moms who comment “AMEN”! You all may be astonished.

Because you don't get WHY: why we craft with our kids, why we create “themed bedrooms”, why we throw elaborate birthday parties, why we bake cookies, and make our kids' foods into crazy animal shapes. You don't get it. Because you don't like it. You don't want to do it. Well, I get that. Because that's our reason too: desire.

That's right. We Pinterest Moms are “Pinterest Moms” because we like it. We like to craft. We like to decorate. We like to cook and throw parties. We like to make stuff, FOR FUN. We don't do it to make other mothers feel inadequate. We don't do it to show off. And if and when we do show our crafts/baking/parties, it isn't FOR YOU. No. You don't like it. We get that. We just read the fiftieth article that painted us all with the “show off/trying too hard/faking it” brush. So we now know you don't want to see it. But that's okay. Because we didn't post that pic to Instagram for you.

It was for US. Yes, us. So I say it again: PINTEREST MOMS UNITE. Unite and tell the world: we want to see that sh-t. We want to see what so and so did with clothespins, and what so and so made with twigs. We want to see that fondant cake, because heck, maybe we will make one just like it! Heck, that's a good idea. WOW, I never thought to do that before. That. Looks. FUN. And that's why we do it: F U N.

We're having fun. We're not contriving magic. We are not more concerned about our children than you are. We are not better moms. We are just crafty moms. And we were crafty before we had kids. And we will be crafty when our children are grown up. And we are just pleased as punch that we have teeny little willing crafting/cooking/baking partners.

And you know what? If you don't craft/cook/bake/whatever, with your kids, that's okay. We Pinterest Moms don't care. In fact, my mother never did anything like that with me. And look at me now! I can't stop crafting. So don't feel like your children are missing out (and if you're really concerned throw some craft supplies their way, or not; there's always twigs).

But you see: it's not a competition. We were never competing. We were just having fun in the way that we have fun. If you have a different sort of fun with your family: do it. Post videos of your entire family singing together on Youtube. Go right ahead. And I promise to not feel inadequate because of them. I'd rather be poked in the eye repeatedly than do that sh-t.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hey y'all,

Just wanted to let you know we four Furnellies are now on Instagram if you want to follow along.


Kimberellie who is known as @missfurnellie on Instagram

ps. Don't worry, Miss V has a longer post in the works for anyone who is lamenting the lack of text in this one.

dress: calvin klein (super on sale $20)
jacket, danier: had it forever.  It's already paid for itself.  I swear.  It does houework.
boots: you can't really see them in the pic.  But they're there.
bag, vintaage doony and bourke: $80 bought online

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the best thing since Sophie

V here again.  I don't have much to say other than: LOOK AT MY LEGGINGS THEY FREAKIN' MATCH MY DRESS!  Cool, cool, cool.  I think so. 



outfit details:

dress: gap 
shoes: padraigs
hair clip: emma-bug bowtique
onsie (worn under dress): gap

ps. if something isn't listed as "available in stores currently" it's either because:

a. my mommy thrifted it.
b. my mommy bought it last year on clearance.
c. it was a gift.

So uh, sorry you can't just have your mommy order everything I'm wearing online, like SOME baby bloggers.  That just isn't how I roll.  My style is 100% unique fantastical.  That said, I'll let you know if you CAN buy it.  Because who doesn't want birdie leggings?  Because shucks, they're pretty much the best thing since Sophie the Giraffe (available in stores currently).

pps. no one has paid me for any product mentions in this post.  But they should; then I could go buy some of those mini-marshmallows I stole from the cupboard the other day that are no longer where they were and so we are probably out and mommy would love it if I bought some more.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Miss V in Sweater Leggings

Hi I'm BV. That's short for Baby Violet.  You can just call me Violet, or V, or Miss V.  Whatevs.  I'm easy. Actually, I'm not.  If you cross me I will fling myself to the floor and scream.  Earlier I was being Mr. Hyde.  I don't know who THAT is.  But that's what my mommy said.  And she thinks she's always right.  So I just go with it.  Unless of course I want to do something else.  Then I just fling myself to the floor and scream.

In other news, my mommy made me these leg warmers.  They are made from a sweater.  My mommy likes to do stuff like this.  I don't mind.  Unless of course she made me a pair in a colour I didn't like;  then I'd definitely fling myself to the floor and scream.  Sometimes I also like to walk around screaming really high pitched like.  But don't worry.  My mommy loves me.  She thinks I'm the greatest thing ever.  See?  The crying thing works.


miss V

Oh right, here are some instagrams my mommy asked me to add.  This is when I escaped from the photo shot.  It was awesome.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog news update too many words to read

I finally have a smart phone, an iPhone to be precise.  I'd like to say I'm the last person in the world to get an iPhone...but then I remember the world is really really big; and there are many people who don't even have enough money to feed themselves, nonetheless get smart phones.  So, you know what?  I'm grateful.  I am grateful that I have enough money for something completely unnecessary to life.  In fact, I have tons of money for such little frivolities   Starbucks, magazines, yarn.  Though compared to other people in the first world I would not be considered rich, I consider myself rich.  And most importantly  I consider myself rich in all the best things in life money can't buy: health, love, family.

And oh right, the point of this announcement was to mention my outfit photos are being downgraded to instagrams & hipstamatics because I am laaaaaaaaaaazy (okay buuuuuuuusy).

Now, let's stop being deep: I want to introduce you to my outfit: this sweater is AWESOME.  The Zellers in our town is closing and so I got a great deal (20 bucks).  But it is Merino Wool and well, AWEEEEESOME.  The snood (I even looked the word up to make sure I am using it right) I made myself (yep...yeah moi).

Here's what it looks like.  It's basically just a crocheted tube.

Also, I just got rid of a TON of clothes.  My new clothing philosophy is to buy LESS and pay MORE.  It's all about quality.  So actually, the sweater was quality and thrifty, which is the best of both worlds!  But yes, my clothes were beginning to give me a headache...overwhelming my life....attacking me at odd hours...lusting after my blood.  You know how it is.

In other news:

There will now be THREE of us blogging.  Yes, three.  I'll introduce us, okay?  Well me, you already know.  So I'll introduce the other two.

Firstly, BABY VIOLET!  Yep, she wants to blog.  And also, she's ADORABLE.  And look at those cute bloomers?  Seriously.  I figure years and years from now, even more than wanting to see my own outfit photos, I am going to want to see hers!

Secondly, Barbie.  Seriously.  You'll see.

Also, I'll be: writing less, not always listing outfit details, and generally slacking off more.  But there will be pictures if nothing else (and sometimes nothing else).

Heart: Kimberellie
Kisses: Baby V
Ciao: Barbie